Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares Raid Cleared by Team Hard in the Paint

Bungie’s latest raid for Destiny 2, Root of Nightmares, was cleared by a team of skilled players shortly after it went live. Team Hard in the Paint, consisting of Roen, Osiris, Punz, Kai, SK, and Grangalf, successfully defeated Nezarec and emerged victorious as the world’s first fireteam to complete the raid.

Shortly after their triumph, Bungie took to Twitter to congratulate Team Hard in the Paint on their achievement, saying “Congratulations to the World First Destiny 2 #RootofNightmares winners, Team Hard in the Paint. Rip out the nightmares, root and stem.” The team’s victory demonstrates the importance of skill, coordination, and strategy in Destiny 2’s endgame content, and it will be interesting to see how other players and fireteams fare in the raid in the coming weeks.

Despite the Contest modifier being active, which increases the difficulty of the raid for the first 24 hours after release, some players found the Root of Nightmares to be relatively easy. Reports have emerged of players clearing the final boss using only the Rat King sidearm or with as few as three fireteam members. Some players even managed to reach the DPS phase solo, leaving the rest of their fireteam to clear enemies.

It remains to be seen whether the raid will receive a Legendary Mode to provide a greater challenge for experienced players. Regardless, the success of Team Hard in the Paint demonstrates the importance of skill, coordination, and strategy in Destiny 2’s endgame content. Congratulations to the team on their impressive achievement!

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