Diablo 4 to Embrace NVIDIA’s Advanced DLSS 3 Technology

Blizzard Entertainment‘s highly anticipated Diablo 4 is set to take advantage of NVIDIA’s latest and most advanced Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, DLSS 3, upon its release. This cutting-edge AI-driven feature promises to significantly improve in-game performance and visual fidelity for players using NVIDIA graphics cards.

NVIDIA recently announced that Diablo 4 will officially support DLSS 3, a technology that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to upscale lower-resolution images without compromising quality. This allows for smoother gameplay and higher frame rates, even on demanding 4K resolutions.

To celebrate this announcement, NVIDIA has released a stunning new trailer showcasing the impressive visuals and enhanced performance that players can expect from Diablo 4 when it launches with DLSS 3 support.

While the upcoming Open Beta of Diablo 4 will initially support the previous generation DLSS 2, the full game release, scheduled for June 6th, will feature the more advanced DLSS 3 technology. This upgrade is expected to deliver an even more immersive and visually impressive gaming experience.

During the Open Beta, players can delve into the early stages of Diablo 4’s dark and captivating world, including the Prologue and Act 1. They will have the opportunity to level up their characters to Level 25, battle against hordes of hellish creatures, complete captivating quests, and gather valuable loot from fallen enemies.

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