Diablo 4’s Open Beta Proves the Game is Far from Ready

Despite eager anticipation from fans, the recent open beta for Diablo 4 has demonstrated that the game still has a long way to go before it is truly ready for a wide release. The beta weekends, which were intended to help Blizzard identify and resolve issues prior to launch, have instead revealed a host of technical problems that have left players concerned about the game’s future performance.

The beta sessions have been plagued by extensive login queues, sometimes reaching up to two hours in length. Yes, even the closed beta (which consisted of a lesser overall player count) had the same issues. Moreover, when players do finally manage to log in, disconnects during gameplay result in being sent back to the menu and forced to re-enter the queue, further exacerbating the issue.

Everyone expected to see significant improvements since the closed beta, which turned out in quite the opposite.

While some players, particularly those using consoles and located in Europe, have reported a better experience, others, especially PC users in the US, have faced significant challenges. This inconsistency in the open beta experience raises questions about whether similar disparities will persist post-launch.

In-game performance has also been a significant concern. Players have reported frequent rubberbanding and instances where characters become stuck and unable to progress to new zones due to loading issues. Additionally, the high memory usage of Diablo 4 on PC has caused crashes and negatively impacted performance for some users.

The game’s structure adds to these frustrations, with the lack of checkpoints forcing players to retrace their steps and repeat battles after disconnects or crashes. This combination of technical issues and inconvenient design choices has left many wondering if the game will be ready for its June release.

As the launch date approaches, it remains to be seen whether Blizzard can address these numerous concerns and deliver a polished, enjoyable experience for all. However, a trouble-free launch seems increasingly doubtful based on the open beta’s performance.

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