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Dota 2’s Dead Reckoning Introduces Muerta, Patch Notes and more

Muerta, the long-awaited intelligence-based carry hero is here.

Valve has finally released the long-awaited Dread Reckoning Update for Dota 2, Patch 7.32E (was supposed to be 7.33 but we all got jebaited), bringing significant changes to the game and introducing a new hero. This update brings slightly stronger balance adjustments and will shake up the competitive scene and keep players on their toes. Not to mention, the release of Muerta, which is a new intelligence-based hero, is now available in the game. However, it’s not the big update everyone’s been looking for.

Muerta is a ranged hero who wields a pistol and the power of the dead to take down her enemies. Her unique abilities include Dead Shot, Phantom Shot, and Exorcism, which allow her to drain the spirits of enemies, fire a shot that stuns enemies, and channel the power of the dead to deal damage in an area around her.

Dota 2 players have been eagerly awaiting this update, as it marks the first significant change to the game since The International 2022. Now let’s jump to Muerta and see her abilities.

Muerta Abilities

Dead Shot

Muerta fires a ghostly bankshot at an enemy unit or tree. When the bullet strikes, it damages and briefly slows, then ricochets in the targeted direction. The ricochet damages all units that it passes through, stopping when it hits a hero. Heroes hit by the ricochet will run in the direction of the shot.

The Calling

Summons a group of revenants that slowly circle the targeted location. Enemies within the area are slowed and have reduced attack speed. Revenants deal damage and silence enemies as they pass through them.


Muerta’s attacks have a chance to fire a second shot at another target, prioritizing Heroes.

Pierce the Evil

Muerta transforms, becoming immune to physical damage. All of her attack damage is dealt as magical damage. Muerta gains bonus attack damage and phased movement. Muerta can attack ethereal units, but deals no damage to Magic Immune targets.

Dota 2 Patch 7.33 Notes

As for the official patch notes, you can find the general changes below. If you want to see all the hero changes in particular, check the official website.


  • As Turbo Mode increases in popularity, we’d like to make sure we’re doing all we can for that group of players.
  • Keep an eye out for more changes going forward as we continue to improve the overall game experience.
  • All hero selections are now blind
  • Removed penalty phase when picking heroes. When regular draft time ends, any person that has not selected a hero will be forced to pick whomever they have tentatively picked. In the event that hero is unavailable or there is no tentative pick, they will be given a random hero
  • Null Talisman, Wraith Band, and Bracer will double their bonuses at 12 minutes instead of 25 minutes
  • Removed bonus damage to towers from all summoned units. Non-summoned units (lane creeps, dominated creeps) are still stronger against towers compared to non-Turbo Dota
  • You can now earn two stars for hero challenges instead of just one
  • Arcana progress has been updated for the following:
    • Earthshaker’s Planetfall Arcana now gives full credit for Echo Slam kills and assists. Tracking for ability chains and combo damage is also enabled
    • Invoker Dark Artistry Throwback Immortal now gives full credit for Sun Strike Kills
    • Juggernaut’s Bladeform Legacy Arcana now gives full credit for Omnislash Kills
    • Kunkka’s Leviathan Whale Blade of Eminent Revival Immortal now gives full credit for hitting heroes with Torrent
    • Legion Commander Arcana now counts Duel Victories
    • Leshrac’s Tormented Staff of Eminent Revival Immortal now gives full credit for stunning enemies with Split Earth
    • Lion’s Fin King’s Charm of Eminent Revival Immortal now gives full credit for hexing enemies
    • Lone Druid’s Cauldron of Xahryx of Eminent Revival Immortal now gives full credit for Entangling Claws duration
    • Storm Spirit’s The Lightning Orchid of Eminent Revival Immortal now gives full credit for Ball Lightning damage


  • Reinforced Units now take 10% less damage from Player controlled creeps (affects all summons like treants, eidolons, etc, as well as dominated creeps but not Creep Heroes like Spirit Bear nor Illusions)
  • Ranged Creeps are now Level 5 (prevents Enigma and others from converting them early)
  • Glyph Tower Bonus Attack targets increased from 4 to 5
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