Epic Games Fined $245 Million by FTC for Deceptive Practices in Fortnite

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finalized a $245 million fine against video game developer and publisher Epic Games for using deceptive practices in their popular game Fortnite. According to the FTC, Epic Games used “dark patterns” in the game’s user interface to trick players into making unwanted purchases and allowed children to rack up unauthorized charges without any parental consent.

Specifically, the FTC found that Epic Games used button configurations that were inconsistent and confusing, allowing players to make purchases with a single button press. The company also made it easy for children to make purchases without requiring any parental consent. As a result, the FTC ordered Epic Games to provide refunds to affected customers and to obtain affirmative consent from players before charging them for in-game purchases.

The $245 million fine is a significant penalty for Epic Games and serves as a warning to other companies in the gaming industry that deceptive practices will not be tolerated. The FTC’s order also prevents Epic Games from locking player accounts who dispute unauthorized charges with their credit card companies.

If you believe you may be eligible for a refund, you can visit the FTC website for more information. It’s essential for consumers to be aware of deceptive practices in online games and to take steps to protect themselves from unauthorized charges. With this fine, the FTC is sending a message to the gaming industry that they are serious about consumer protection and will take action against companies that engage in deceptive practices.

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