Escape From Tarkov Bans Real Money Traders and adds them to the Wall of Shame

Escape From Tarkov is on fire right now. The developer, Battlestate Games, announced that a new ban wave has come through, dealing with those participating in RMT (Real Money Trading). They have also been added to the wall of shame, joining another Publicly shared Google Spreadsheet.

Real money trading is the practice of buying and selling in-game items or currency for real money, which is against the terms of service of most online games. It can create an unfair advantage for players who are willing to spend real money on virtual goods, and it can also undermine the integrity of the game’s economy.

In recent years, RMT has become a growing problem in Escape From Tarkov, with players using third-party websites to buy in-game items or currency. Battlestate Games has been taking strict measures against RMT, and the latest announcement of banned RMT sellers proves the same.

The list of banned RMT sellers is part of Battlestate Games’ efforts to name and shame individuals and websites that engage in cheating and other unfair practices. By publicly sharing the names of banned players and RMT sellers, Battlestate Games sends a clear message that such perpetrators are not welcomed.

The ban on RMT sellers is also a reminder that the practice can have severe consequences for those who engage in it. In addition to being against the game’s terms of service, RMT can lead to account bans and other penalties.

Overall, the ban on RMT sellers in Escape From Tarkov is a positive development for the game’s community. It shows that the developer is committed to creating a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players and is willing to take bold steps to achieve that goal.

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