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Escape From Tarkov Buffs Scav Reputation, Equipment, and Extracts

Escape From Tarkov, the popular hardcore survival FPS game, has recently introduced a series of changes aimed at improving the experience for Scav Players. The developers at Battlestate Games have made these updates to give Scav Players more opportunities for success and to help them catch up with other players in terms of in-game currency.

Here is a detailed list of the changes:

  • Fence Restock Improvements: When a player reaches max Loyalty Level (LL) with Fence, the trader will now restock items more frequently and will prioritize higher quality items in his inventory.
  • Scav-PMC Extract Reputation Boost: Reputation gains from successful Scav-PMC extracts have increased, incentivizing players’ cooperation.
  • Vehicle Extract Discounts: Discounts for vehicle extractions have been increased, making it more affordable for Scav Players to utilize this escape method.
  • Higher Fence Buy Prices: Fence will now pay players more for items sold to him, allowing Players to earn more roubles by selling broken weapons.
  • Improved Scav Equipment: Scav characters will now have a higher chance of spawning with better equipment, increasing their odds of survival and success in raids.
  • Reduced Scav Cooldown: The cooldown time for using Scav characters has been reduced, allowing players to jump back into the action faster.
  • Shortened Scav Box Timer: The Scav box timer has been reduced, enabling players to access their loot more quickly.
  • Increased Scav Extracts: The number of available Scav extraction points within a raid has been increased, providing more escape options and enhancing the overall gameplay experience for Scav Players.
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