Far Cry 5 could be getting 60FPS patch for current-gen consoles

Ubisoft, is gearing up to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their popular title, Far Cry 5. In a recent tweet, the developer hinted at an exciting and highly requested feature being introduced for next-gen consoles, which fans speculate to be a 60FPS patch.

Far Cry 5, initially released in 2018, has maintained a loyal player base throughout the years. Ubisoft has planned a series of events and announcements to celebrate the game’s milestone over the next three weeks. The most anticipated reveal is a “highly requested feature for next-gen consoles,” as mentioned in their tweet.

Though Ubisoft has yet to confirm the specifics of this feature, fans are already speculating that it could be the long-awaited 60FPS patch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Introducing such a patch would significantly improve the game’s performance and visual quality, providing a more fluid and immersive experience for players on these platforms.

The demand for a 60FPS patch highlights the ongoing popularity of Far Cry 5, and Ubisoft’s commitment to supporting their games with updates and new content. The developer’s decision to listen and respond to their player base demonstrates their dedication to enhancing the gaming experience.

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