Goblin Stone, Turn-Based RPG coming to Steam in 2023

Curve Games, the award-winning independent label, has partnered with Orc Chop Games to publish Goblin Stone, an exciting new roguelike turn-based RPG. The game has already gained critical acclaim, winning the Devgamm! Fall 2021 Best Indie Game award and being named a finalist at the 2021 Tencent GWB Game Awards.

In Goblin Stone, players will embark on an epic journey through a procedurally generated world with a group of goblins, fighting to save their species from near extinction. The game features tactical combat, unique base-building and legacy systems, and a captivating roguelike loop, all wrapped in a beautiful storybook aesthetic with AAA-quality narration.

The game’s fully narrated storyline is accompanied by an original score composed by Peter McConnell, an award-winning composer known for his work on Hearthstone, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and Broken Age.

Goblin Stone will challenge players with various tasks, such as battling humans, elves, and dwarves in an innovative turn-based battle system, exploring procedurally generated levels with hand-drawn 2D environments, and building a goblin lair chamber by chamber. Players will also selectively breed goblins with the best genes and traits for future generations, create an adventuring party with unique goblin classes, and make difficult choices about which goblins to keep and discard.

The game is set to release on Steam in 2023 and will make its way to consoles in 2024. To learn more about Goblin Stone, visit the official Steam product page and follow the game on Twitter and Discord.

Curve Games has a diverse games catalog that includes indie hits such as For the King, Bomber Crew, The Ascent, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and the multi-million-selling smash hit Human Fall Flat. Orc Chop Games is a self-funded indie game studio with studios in Redwood City, California, Manila, and Beijing through their partners at TOPGAME. Their mission is to create “passion project” games that are slightly off the beaten path, providing players with unforgettable experiences.

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