Have a Nice Death A Grim Adventure Awaits on Nintendo Switch and PC

Death has never been so charming as Have a Nice Death, a unique 2D action roguelike, which makes its highly anticipated debut on Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. Developed by Magic Design Studios and published by Gearbox Publishing, the game takes players on a darkly humorous journey through Death Incorporated, an underworld corporation responsible for processing souls in the afterlife. With its official launch, millions of players worldwide can now don the cloak and wield the scythe as they assume the role of Death and restore order to the afterlife.

As the CEO of Death Inc., players are tasked with exploring the darkly enchanting, procedurally generated headquarters and rounding up rogue associates who have been snatching up far too many souls on Earth. To do so, they’ll need to navigate through eight distinct departments, meeting a diverse cast of characters and utilizing over 70 different weapons and spells to get the job done. With its engaging narrative, memorable characters, and fast-paced combat, Have a Nice Death offers a fresh take on the roguelike genre.

Magic Design Studios, the creative minds behind Have a Nice Death, have been overwhelmed by the support they’ve received throughout the game’s development, especially during its successful run in Steam Early Access. Simon Dutertre, Lead Game Designer at Magic Design Studios, expressed gratitude to the Early Access players, whose feedback helped shape the game into a remarkable experience.

The full release of Have a Nice Death includes a wealth of new content, from the introduction of the Inevitable Time Department and its associated bosses and enemies to a host of “quality-of-death” gameplay improvements. Early Access players will be relieved to know they can use their existing save files, ensuring a seamless transition into the complete version of the game.

Have a Nice Death is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Steam Deck) for $24.99. As players embark on their darkly charming adventure through the underworld, they can look forward to uncovering secrets, mastering combat mechanics, and proving they’re the best underworld boss in this unique and captivating roguelike experience.

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