Landfall Archives Full Of Unreleased Landfall Games Available Now On PC

Sometimes not all projects from a company get released, but Landfall has decided to release a collection out of them all, and let its players enjoy every game that did not release.

As Landfall announced, the company will be releasing Landfall Archives, a collection of 23 games that were not released, some demos and interactive slide shows. The collection will be available on PC (via Steam).

The content that is included in the Landfall Archives is:

  • Anything for my pals – controlling a group of Pals through rough paths
  • Robots Forever – Fighting robots, where each robot part has a separate health level
  • Robots Forever 2 – Similar to Robots Forever
  • Post Game – Building conveyor belts to help move packages in a facility
  • Physics Survival
  • TABS 2017 – An early version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
  • Airships 1 – Exploration of airship buildings to find parts to build your ship
  • Airships 2 – Similar to Airships 1
  • Wrecktangels
  • RTS card game
  • Physics Fighter
  • Medieval America
  • Plant Plane – A journey on a plane
  • Ocean Plane
  • Playful
  • Blob Game
  • Walking House Game
  • Missile Game
  • Creepy Robots
  • Counts and Stakes
  • Physics Presentation – an interactive slideshow explaining the principles of physics in Landfall Games
  • Auction Brawl

What do you think about Landfall Archives?

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