Microsoft Files Trademark for “Ender Dragon”

Minecraft's monster may have gotten immortality.

Microsoft has recently filed a trademark for “Ender Dragon” in various categories, including video games, toys, books, and clothing. While the filing doesn’t reveal any specific details about what “Ender Dragon” could be, many speculate that it could be related to the popular Minecraft game.

In Minecraft, the Ender Dragon is the game’s final boss and one of its most iconic and recognizable elements. It is possible that Microsoft is planning to create a new Minecraft spinoff game or expansion centered around the character or that they are planning to release new merchandise or products featuring the character.

Some have also speculated that “Ender Dragon” could be related to the canceled Scalebound series, although this seems less likely given the character’s strong ties to Minecraft. It’s worth noting that trademark filings don’t always result in actual products or services, and Microsoft may have filed for the trademark to protect its rights to the name. However, if they do have plans for “Ender Dragon,” it could be exciting news for Minecraft fans.

Only time will tell what “Ender Dragon” will ultimately be, but it’s always fun to speculate and see what new developments Microsoft has in store.

Just to get you up to speed, A trademark is a symbol, word, or phrase used to identify and distinguish the goods or services of one seller from those of another. Trademarks can be registered with the relevant government agency to provide legal protection for the owner’s exclusive use of the mark in connection with their goods or services.

Suppose Microsoft has successfully registered “Ender Dragon” as a trademark. In that case, it means that they have exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with the goods and services listed in their registration. These may include video games, toys, and other products related to the popular Minecraft game, which features the Ender Dragon as a final boss character.

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