PlayStation Conducting Cross-Platform NFT System Trials

You might have heard about this, but it seems like PlayStation is trying something new in their games, and from what we have heard, it is quite a revolutionary system that might be implemented in the future.

We are talking about PlayStation NFTs, something that many had known since 2021 when a patent was filed about this new system. Now, it looks like PlayStation are trying out how those NFTs would function in their games, and this includes cross-platform transfers and trades. Something that might put PlayStation on top of the market.

As stated by Sony, they won’t limit players to use those NFTs in one game only, they want to spread that in other games too. Here is a scenario (hypothetical) presented by Sony:

“There’s a unique skin in this game that only one gamer/group can find”

“They will then own its NFT and can then use the skin in other games and other game systems/platforms”

What will happen next with this NFT system we will see, but we would like to hear your opinion on this in the comments below.

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