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Pokemon Go April Fools Pidgey Pandemonium

Trainers, it seems like this April Fool’s Day will be all about Pidgey. Yes, this is your chance to make a lot of transfers to the professor.

The Pokemon Go April Fools event will go live on April 1, 2023. During the event, Pokemon Go players will see more Pidgey in the wild and complete a two steps quest called Pidgey Pandemonium, There will be an increased chance of finding XXS and XXL Pidgey during the event. For last, there will be a Bonus Event and a Bonus Timed Research.

Now, we have the text for the Special Research and we recommend checking it out below. The person who wrote it did a really good job with the storyline, so feel free to check it out below.

Pokemon Go April Fools Special Research Storyline

%PLAYERNAME%! It’s…it’s…

It’s the Pidgey! They’ve flown the coop!

For years, Trainers like yourself have been sending me Pidgey to research.

I’ve kept each and every one safe and healthy, feeding them the best Berries, providing them with the softest nests…

But somehow they’ve escaped from my lab! Maybe this is what I get for using a Great Fence instead of an Ultra Fence.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_afools_0_5
TEXT: *sigh* And after all the care I put into everyone’s Pidgey, too. We’ve got a real whirlwind of a situation on our hands!

On the bright side, this might make for a fascinating paper on the impact of the flighty flock on the local environment…

But first things first. Help me catch as many of these plucky Pidgey as you can, %PLAYERNAME%! Before they try to fly off with my whole trailer…or me!


Phew! I was worried the Pidgey might’ve blown you away.

Most of the Pidgey are back safe in the lab, thanks to you and your fellow Trainers! I’m so glad it wasn’t a gust—er, bust.

Take these items for your help with today’s feathery fracas, %PLAYERNAME%.

I’ve put in an order for double the Pidgey’s usual amount of Berries, so let's hope they’ll feel pampered enough not to be a flight risk anymore.

That’s enough fun for one day, I’d say. Until next time!

Are you excited about the upcoming April Fools event featuring Pidgey?

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