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Pokemon Go Everything About Gimmighoul And How To Get One

Pokemon Go has recently been graced with Gimmighoul’s presence, but it seems that getting this one might be a bit of a problem for most Trainers. This is when we step in and give you the help you need.

Gimmighoul and its golden evolution Gholdengo were officially released into Pokemon Go a few days back, but there is a catch to getting it: either having a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet copy or having luck on your side.

If you remember Meltan and its entry into Pokemon Go, well, Gimmighoul’s debut is very similar to Meltan and its mechanics behind getting an encounter with it. Pokemon Go and Nintendo Switch need to be connected in order for this to work because Gimmighoul needs a Coin Bag to appear in the wild for you.

But how does this work?

First, make sure that your Pokemon Go account is linked to your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game. If this is not linked yet, you should go to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and open the Poke Portal. Then, select the “Mystery Gift” button and select “Connect to Pokemon Go”. The next step is to open Pokemon Go and go to settings to find the “Nintendo Switch” option and click on it. From there, go back to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and click on “Pair with a Pokemon Go account”. The last step is to choose a name of your liking, and that is it.

Let’s get to the actual appearance of Gimmighoul. Again, check if Pokemon Go and Scarlet/Violet are connected. If this is done, click on Mystery Gift in Scarlet/Violet and click on “Connect to Pokemon Go” twice. Go back to Pokemon Go and click on your Postcard Book, choose a Postcard and click on “Send to Nintendo Switch”. After your Nintendo Switch receives the Postcard, go back to Pokemon Go and click on the Coin Bag, after which you can catch as many Gimmighoul as you want for 30 minutes.

What about the ones that do not have Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Unfortunately, the ones that do not own Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can only get Gimmighoul through a Golden PokeStop. The thing is, Golden PokeStops turn golden only if a Golden Lure Module is used on them. A Golden Lure Module is obtained by sending Postcard to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so at the moment of writing, there isn’t a way for Trainers that do not own Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to get Gimmighoul. We hope that this will change in the future.

We mentioned that Gimmighoul’s evolution has also joined the game. Unlike any other Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Gimmighoul needs coins in order to evolve into Gholdengo. So far, Trainers need 999 Gimmighoul Coins to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, and those coins are obtainable either through catching a Gimmighoul or spinning a Golden PokeStop. Spinning a Golden PokeStop rewards you with more Gimmighoul coins than just catching them as you encounter them.

Be mindful that the Coin Bag will not be active if you have other Incense items activated at the same time, and another thing, a Coin Bag can be used once per day. As there is another form of Gimmighoul, called Chest Form Gimmighoul, at the moment of writing, the only available Gimmighoul form in Pokemon Go is Wandering Form Gimmighoul.

Have you caught a Gimmighoul yet? How does it feel to have the Coin Chest Pokemon in your Pokedex?

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