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Pokemon Go Festival of Colors 2023 Details

The Festival of Colors event has always been a colorful one and this year this fun event will be coming back to Pokemon Go, with not one, but two Pokemon debuts.

Beginning on March 8th, 2023, and ending on March 14th, 2023, the event titled Festival of Colors will host the debuts of two new Pokemon, and they are Mega Medicham and Bruxish. Mega Medicham will be part of the Mega Raids, while Bruxish will be featured as a wild encounter and a One-Star Raid Boss.

During the event, there will be some sort of a colorful surprise around PokeStops, and a Collection Challenge that will reward players 20,000 XP and a Lure Module after it is completed.

The bonuses that will be active during the event are:

  • Increased duration of Lure Modules (three hours)
  • Snapshot Surprises (increased chance of encountering Shiny Smeargle)
  • Friendship levels will increase twice as fast

As wild encounters during Festival of Colors 2023, the Pokemon that will be featured are:

  • Paras
  • Krabby
  • Koffing
  • Natu
  • Wobbuffet
  • Shuckle
  • Wingull
  • Plant Cloak Burmy
  • Sand Cloak Burmy
  • Trach Cloak Burmy
  • Stunky
  • Bruxish
  • Lickitung
  • Galarian Zigzagoon

In One-Star Raids, the Pokemon that will be featured are:

  • Espurr
  • Rockruff
  • Mareanie
  • Bruxish

In Three-Star Raids, the Pokemon that will be Raid Bosses are:

  • Exeggutor
  • Alolan Exeggutor
  • Cryogonal
  • Druddigon

The Five-Star Raid Boss will be Ho-Oh, while the Mega Raid Boss will be Mega Medicham.

As Field Research task encounters, the Pokemon that will be available to Trainers are the following:

  • Alolan Grimer
  • Castform
  • Sunny Form Castform
  • Rainy Form Castform
  • Snowy Form Castform
  • Plant Cloak Burmy
  • Sand Cloak Burmy
  • Trash Cloak Burmy
  • Baile Style Oricorio (depending on your location)
  • Pom-Pom Style Oricorio (depending on your location)
  • Pa’u Style Oricorio (depending on your location)
  • Sensu Style Oricorio (depending on your location)

Last but not least, there will be a new avatar item available in the in-game shop during the whole Festival of Colors event and after, and that item is Color Throw Pose.

How does this look to you? Would you add something else? Tell us in the comments below.

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