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Pokemon Go New Features That Provide Benefits and Pokemon Encounters are on the Way

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced that they are working on making the in-person experience better, Raids improvements, and new features while exploring outside.

Niantic and Pokemon Go confirmed that they are working on making the in-game experience even better, and they confirmed they have a lot of things planned for Pokemon Go in 2023. They revealed what they are working on, so let’s take a look at the official announcement below.

Pokemon Go Upcoming Improvements 2023

Dear Trainers,

Today we want to share our renewed commitment to bolstering Pokémon GO’s in-person experience. We have a lot planned for Pokémon GO in 2023, but first we’d like to recap some of our recent updates and share additional updates that are coming soon.

Game Updates

Elite Raids that feature new or unique Pokémon—such as this weekend’s Regidrago Elite Raids—are one of the first steps in that commitment. We are also working on the following.

  • Improvements to raids that make it easier for you to participate in local Raid Battles and to become friends with Trainers you’ve battled with.
  • Enhancements to the game experience when playing in person with family and friends.
  • New features that provide benefits and encounters with more Pokémon while exploring outside.


Last year, we launched Campfire in select US cities. Campfire’s goal is for Trainers to connect, discover local communities, and find active nearby Raid Battles. We’ve continued to improve Campfire through the following updates focused on helping Trainers better communicate and work together to tackle Raid Battles in person.

  • Adding the ability to start conversations at PokéStops and Gyms around you
  • Adding the ability to navigate from Campfire to a specific Gym in Pokémon GO

Campfire will also see updates soon to significantly improve how Trainers connect, chat, and join Raid Battles together in Pokémon GO. This is a key step in preparing Campfire’s continued rollout and access for Trainers around the world this year.

The Community Ambassador Program

As another demonstration of our core commitment to promoting real-world social gameplay, we are continuing to grow our Community Ambassador program. This program, available in select areas, nurtures in-person Pokémon GO communities while also fostering new communities for Trainers to find. We’ve added two hundred Community Ambassadors from around the globe since its launch last August, providing them with tools to connect to their local player bases and unique incentives to encourage local gameplay.

We look forward to sharing additional updates about the program later this year, including new ways to join and celebrate your local community.

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  1. This is a joke because Niantic already dropped the PokeBall with the in person “Elite” raids. There was nothing elite about them. How broken was it? New Zealand was given a make-up “We’re Sorry” day on Sunday and it was STILL broken for them. By the time is got to the U.S., it was still broken freezing games, bumping players out and more. Here on the West Coast is Los Angeles, players not participating in raids still got the timed research while some trainers who did participate didn’t get the timed research… Like really!? I did two raids at 11am… No “rare” spawns appeared afterwards. As a matter of fact, zero spawns appeared! Same happened at the 2pm raid, zero spawns even though nobody in the group had caught anything prior to the raid. More broken game play. Niantic has failed the players and the community far more often than not. They don’t listen to the community, they keep destroying game play with every update and the lack of worth of boxes, incentives and constant pay-to-play ticketed research/events is killing the love and joy of the game.

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