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Pokemon Go New Spring 2023 Costume Pokemon are on the Way

The Pokemon that have always puzzled me are the ones that have multiple forms, either evolved or costumed. Especially in Pokemon Go, there are many Pokemon that have several costumes available.

Costumed Pokemon, at least in Pokemon Go, are the ones that have special accessories on them, ranging from flowers to hats and balloons. While they are normally looking, in their regular form, they always have a little something on them to indicate a celebratory event that is taking place in Pokemon Go. Same stats, the same everything, there is just a little bit of decoration on them. However, there are some Pokemon that are whole new Pokemon, like the Alolan forms.

Every costumed Pokemon has a Shiny form too, that is if the Shiny form of that Pokemon is available in Pokemon Go.

Eevee and Pikachu are the Pokemon that catch every person’s attention, due to their forms and appearances. Now that Spring is closer, and Easter too, the Pokeminers that we all know and love have discovered Spring 2023 content, and from what we can see, we will have Eevee and Pikachu in a costumed form.

To be honest, not many are pleased with the costumes, as they are something that is already seen and cannot be classified as “new.” There is the Flower Crown, and players are not pleased with that.

Some say that this is boring, low effort, and lazy, since the Flower Crown that is shown looks like a variation of the ones we already have.

Pokemon Go Let’s Go! + Team Go Rocket starts on March 21, 2023, so we think that this is the perfect event to release these costume Pokemon in the game.

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