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Pokemon Go Players are not Happy with Niantic’s Apology for Elite Raids Issues

Trainers, as you already know, the Regidrago Elite Raid event was a mess, and not a single player enjoyed the event. There were a lot of issues, and players were not happy at all.

The first Regidrago Elite Raid Day event went live on March 11, 2023. The Regidrago Raid Eggs have hatched at the first event window but players couldn’t join a Regidrago Raid due to an error 36. We received the following message when trying to join an Elite Raid, “Cannot join Raid Group Error 36.”

We thought they would fix the issue for the second event window, which was on March 11, at 2 PM local time, but nothing changed and players were still trying to join a Regidrago Raid but without success.

Players had a last chance on the same day at 5 PM local time, the last event window, to battle and catch Regidrago, but the Raids were still bugged.

Niantic and Pokemon Go acknowledged the issue and said that they resolved the issue, and to apologize they added an extra day of Elite Raids on March 12, 2023.

To be honest, we were excited for the second Elite Raid day, hoping to enjoy the event without any issues, but nothing changed. The game was broken, it crashed every 30mins, and the second Regidrago Elite Raid day was ruined again.

Now, Niantic and Pokemon Go issued an apology, saying that they are making plans to make it up to everyone.

Players are not happy with the apology and have some very interesting demands. Check them out.

Do you have any wishes for the makeup event? We would like to hear them out, so please let us know in the comments below.

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