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Pokemon Go Players Can’t Encounter Team Go Rocket Grunts from Afar

Pokemon Go is constantly under “bug attacks,” and today is no exception – players can’t encounter Team Go Rocket Grunts from afar.

You may be familiar with this bug, where no vibrating blackish cube on distant PokeStops is present. If you were just like us, then you might have thought that this is not a bug and that this is something done on purpose by Niantic. Well, that is not the case.

A Pokemon Go player went to Twitter to search for an answer about this problem, and behold, Niantic responded to that Tweet.

Niantic responded to the Tweet and confirmed the issue with the TGR Grunts. They say they are working on solving it. They even acknowledged the problems that Team Go Rocket does not appear on PokeStops, and the blackish cube when the invaded PokeStop is far from your location. Quite surprised that they responded, to be honest.

The Tweet says the following:

Many players, just like us, are surprised that Niantic knows the problem, but the question is: Until when do we have to wait for everything to be solved? Is Pokemon Go a game full of bugs now?

The thing is, many of us thought this is a “new” feature in Pokemon Go. Now you can see how much we are used to buggy Pokemon Go.

This issue is not something new, and this has been happening for quite some time now.

Team Go Rocket No Longer Visible at Poke Stops in Overworld From Afar? from TheSilphRoad

We do hope that this will be solved as soon as possible.

Do you have these issues? If you do, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Isn’t he whole point of a Crime Syndicate not to be found and to stay hidden? Oh look, an Italian Mafia grunt is nearby, get ’em. Lol, we have more important bugs to address… Such as why the game CONSTANTLY freezes when checking the stats of Pokemon

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