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Pokemon Go Shadow Raids, New Type or Raids are Coming

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go are working on a new type of Raids, Shadow Raids.

Pokemon Go players are soon going to be able to encounter Shadow Pokemon, (fingers crossed for Shadow Legendary Pokemon), from Shadow Raids. This type of Raids is not yet available in the game, and you can only see the text in Pokemon Go’s GM file. We have some details to share with you, so feel free to keep on reading and learning more.

The world’s greatest miners discovered a new text in the GM file hinting at a new type of Raid, Shadow Raid. According to their reports, the Shadow Raids have five different levels. Each level has different difficulties, and the Shadow Pokemon in these Raids will be stronger and stronger at each level.

The Shadow Raids give extra XP and can be accessed remotely. Unfortunately, it looks like players must have a ticket to access new Shadow Raids – or should we say pay-to-play Raids? Well, it’s all good as long as we can Raid Shadow Legendary Pokemon. But what if these Shadow Raids don’t feature Shadow Legendary Pokemon?

What are your thoughts about this? We would like to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what new changes they make if no one is playing. They can polish that turd till it sparkles, but it will still be crap.

  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures, huh? First tiny and huge sizes that entice players to recollect old mons. Then an entire season focusing on battling GO Rocket, a feature that still annoys many until now. Now raids can be shadows too…

    I know that many are still playing GO. But if you pay attention closely, there is a growing sign (Hello, Peridot and other GO-type project! Hello, campfire, social features added externally! Hello, rehashing content with even more slowdripping new content! etc) that Niantic partnership with TPC is heading towards an end. It may not happen soon, but just be prepared…

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