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Pokemon Go Shiny Shadow Pokemon from Rocket Grunts

Trainers, the Team Go Rocket event is underway and you can now encounter Shiny Shadow Pokemon from Grunts. For the first time in Pokemon Go, players can now encounter a Shiny Shadow Pokemon from defeating Grunts.

Team Go Rocket has taken over the Pokemon Go world, and has started causing trouble in every corner you can think of. To push them out of the peaceful Pokemon Go world, we need to get together and join forces. Team Go Rocket can be found in balloons and PokeStops. The invaded PokeStops have a different appearance than the non-invaded PokeStop, where the invaded one has a discolored cubicle that vibrates. That is if you are out of that PokeStop’s range.

Once you come closer, the PokeDisc appears and turns black, and a Team Go Rocket member appears right next to the PokeStop. To engage in a battle with the Team Go Rocket member, all you have to do is click on the PokeDisc and spin it. After finishing, the Team Go Rocket member appears on the screen, challenging you to a battle. Choose your team of three and start the battle. If you are successful, you will be rewarded with Stardust and an encounter with a Shadow Pokemon.

These Shadow Pokemon have different appearances, and they are mostly recognized by the black-purple shadows around them. These Pokemon are the victims of Team Go Rocket, and they need to be saved from the villains. To catch them, first, check the amount of Premier Balls that have been given to you after a Team Go Rocket battle. Throw a ball on the Shadow Pokemon and capture it. Now, there is a chance that the Shadow Pokemon can turn out to be a Shiny Shadow Pokemon.

Now, many players want to know what Shadow Pokemon can be Shiny from defeating Rocket Grunts, and according to reports, there are five Shadow Pokemon available from Rocket Grunts. Please have in mind that this is a permanent feature.

Shiny Shadow Pokemon Available from Grunts

  • Shiny Shadow Charmander
  • Shiny Shadow Bulbasaur
  • Shiny Shadow Squirlte
  • Shiny Shadow Mawile
  • Shiny Shadow Grimer

Please keep in mind that these Shiny Shadow Pokemon are not the only Shiny Shadow Pokemon from Grunts. These are currently confirmed Shiny Shadow Pokemon from Grunts. The Team Go Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni are now using different Shadow Pokemon lineups, and you can also encounter new Shiny Shadow Pokemon after defeating them. Feel free to see the Shiny Shadow Pokemon from Team Go Rocket Leaders here.

Have many Rocket Grunts have you defeated so far, and how many Shiny Shadow Pokemon have you encountered? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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