Project 007, a New Bond Gaming Universe Emerges

IO Interactive, the renowned developer behind the Hitman series, is set to embark on a new venture with the highly anticipated Project 007, an origin story for the legendary James Bond. With the Hitman franchise on a temporary hiatus, the studio is now focused on bringing a fresh, gaming-centric take on the world’s most famous secret agent.

The collaboration between IO Interactive and Eon Productions, the company responsible for the Bond films, has been described as awe-inspiring and inspiring by the studio’s co-owners, Christian Elverdam, and Hakan Abrak. The partnership has allowed IO Interactive to create a new James Bond character specifically tailored for the gaming community.

Project 007 aims to stand alongside the Bond movies and TV shows, carving out its own unique space in the franchise’s legacy. This origin story will allow gamers to experience a new version of Bond, one that is distinct from the various film incarnations.

While specific gameplay details remain scarce, job listings have hinted at sandbox storytelling, reminiscent of the Hitman series. This approach is expected to provide a rich and immersive gaming experience, with players free to shape their Bond story.

The co-owners of IO Interactive have expressed their excitement for this new beginning in 007, hoping that the game will resonate with players and establish a new, beloved take on the iconic character. Although the game is still in development and lacks a proper title or release date, it is not expected to hit the shelves until 2025.

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