Remnant 2 Unleashes the Handler Class, Comes Out Summer 2023

The video up top will give you chills.

Gunfire Games recently unveiled new information about Remnant 2 as part of IGN First’s coverage. Among the revelations is the introduction of the Handler, a Support class character designed with solo players in mind. This class features a dog companion with various modes to assist the player in different ways. The game will be released in the summer for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The dog companion has several modes, each serving a unique purpose. According to principal designer Ben Cureton, the dog’s bandana changes color to indicate the currently equipped role. The modes include:

  1. Guard Dog: The dog howls and draws enemy attention within a specific area.
  2. Support Dog: It heals the player and any allies.
  3. Attack Dog: The dog deals increased damage.

Players can also use a ping system to send the dog to designated locations and recall it with a button press. Additionally, the Prime Perk, Bonded, allows the dog to revive the player or allies using a Dragon Heart if they are downed.

Remnant 2 also features a procedurally generated world that changes with each playthrough. More gameplay details and reveals are expected in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out for the latest information on this highly anticipated Souls-like shooter.

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