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Riders Republic March 28 Patch Notes

March 28th update brings new events, a hoverboard, and gameplay improvements to Ubisoft's popular extreme sports game.

Ubisoft has released a new update for Riders Republic across all platforms, introducing exciting new content and gameplay improvements to the extreme sports game. Without further ado, you can find the complete patch notes below:

Riders Republic March 28 Patch Notes


  • The brand-new Ridge Ultimate Pack will be available in the shop from the 29th, with 8 new spectacular events, legendary customizations, and unique rewards.
  • You can now find 4 new freestyle playgrounds from the content pack added in the map, and accessible in free roam in Mammoth, Yosemite, and Grand Teton regions.
  • A gravity defying new toy, the Hoverboard! We’re in the future, riders! You’ll be able to purchase it from this season’s second week, and to try it during one of this week’s event!
  • A new event “PRADA Unlimited” featuring the Hoverboard, check it out!
  • A new special feature, the LIVE EVENTS! Available every week: play events with some time-limited modifiers!
  • Update of the rules for Tricks Battle mode, check this dedicated article: ( !
  • Miscellaneous elements for Cutting Edge season.
  • You want to take a dip in the Colorado River? Well, now you can swim in the Republic!


  • The Freestyle Snowmobile get some improvements!
  • A small speed burst ability (using left trigger)to perform higher jumps.
  • And an increased absorption tolerance to land those higher jumps!
  • A new cinematic mode only in the Ridge. Activate a special camera to watch videos running in the Giant Screen.


  • Fixed a lag occurring when disconnecting an Xbox controller connected via Bluetooth.
  • Squashed an exploit where players could capture entire districts in Tricks Battle using manuals.
  • Fixed a Bike speed boost exploit after landing a jump on front wheel.


  • Fixed the Weekly Level 3 not registering for weekly challenge when you play Mass Races.
  • Added a thumbnail for the facial hair colour and hair colour 19.
  • Fixed the Head clipping in 1st view mode with both Ezio outfits.
  • Fixed an issue with secondary objectives in the events “Back2School BMX” and “Dare you attempt?”.
  • Fixed an issue with the leaderboard ranking positions.
  • Fixed the frame formats of the Shop Screens and UGC screens have broken frame formats.
  • The “0%” discount tag won’t be visible on a pack if it’s already owned.
  • Un-Jitterring a grab animation on board/ski.
  • Players can perform a grind near the wall with ‘Mini BMX’ Bike in Area 52.
  • Fixed some clipping issues with The paramotor clips with balloons.
  • Wheelie Bike can now perform all tricks correctly.

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