Shroud and Sacriel Join Forces with Splash Damage to Revolutionize the Survival Shooter Genre with Project Astrid

Popular Twitch streamers MichaelShroudGrzesiek and ChristopherSacrielBall are collaborating with renowned game development studio Splash Damage to create an ambitious open-world survival game, Project Astrid. As experienced gamers and streamers, Shroud and Sacriel bring their unique perspectives and deep understanding of the genre to the development process.

This project means everything to me. Chris and I have refined a vision for what’s next in the survival genre and with Splash Damage, we’re setting out to build it. We want to build the best survival game ever, and with Sacriel’s brain and Splash Damage’s team, I know we can do it,” said Shroud.

Shroud focuses on perfecting the game’s gunplay aspects to create the ultimate survival shooter. He aims to ensure that the weapon behavior, ballistics, and recoil for the best, immersive and enjoyable experience for players.

Sacriel, on the other hand, emphasizes the storytelling potential of survival games.This is a dream come true. Mike and I have been envisioning a world where we help build the game that streamers and gamers love playing. To be able to execute with a team as esteemed and experienced as Splash Damage is a privilege,” said Sacriel.

Shroud and Sacriel have been involved in Project Astrid as core development team members since its inception. Lance Winter, Creative Director on Project Astrid, stated that the duo brings a unique and fresh perspective to the game, providing insights into what fans and creators want from their gaming experiences.

The partnership with Shroud and Sacriel marks a new era for Splash Damage, following the announcement of TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE and the acquisition of UK-based Bulkhead. The company has also formed its own in-house publishing team. Project Astrid allows Splash Damage to create an original world on a much more ambitious scale.

Richard Jolly, CEO of Splash Damage, shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Project Astrid is the culmination of this passion, born out of a partnership with two close friends, who also happen to be incredibly well-respected experts in our industry. We’re excited to share something fresh with our fans as we take a bold step forward and craft a game that’s truly different from anything we’ve done before.

As Project Astrid is currently in pre-production, fans can expect more details to be revealed in the near future. Meanwhile, the anticipation for this innovative survival shooter game continues to build as gamers eagerly await the outcome of this unique collaboration between Shroud, Sacriel, and Splash Damage.

Project Astrid promises to revolutionize the survival shooter genre by combining the expertise and passion of renowned Twitch streamers Shroud and Sacriel with the experience and creativity of Splash Damage. As development progresses, fans and gamers alike look forward to discovering how this ambitious project will reshape the gaming landscape.

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