Sons of the Forest Fixes for Performance Issues, Vibrating Weapons, Inventory Bugs, and More

Sons of the Forest, the survival horror sandbox game, has achieved massive success with over two million copies sold in its first 24 hours on Steam Early Access. However, players have encountered some issues, including performance problems, vibrating weapons and flashlights, inventory bugs, and water-drinking issues. Here’s a breakdown of some common problems and how to fix them:

Performance Issues:

  • Update your drivers and verify the integrity of game files
  • Adjust graphics settings, particularly Cloud quality, Shadow Quality, Grass, and Draw Distance
  • Disable overlays, such as Steam Overlay
  • Consider using the latest version of Nvidia DLSS

Vibrating Weapons and Flashlight:

  • Try opening and closing the inventory or restarting the game to fix the issue

Inventory Bugs:

  • If your inventory or crafting book isn’t working after crouching, cutting, or eating a cannibal’s leg, try restarting the game

Can’t Drink Water:

  • If you can’t drink water in the game due to a bug where equipping the spear makes it impossible, equip another item to fix the issue

While the fixes mentioned above may not work for everyone, they have worked for some players. Keep in mind that Sons of the Forest is in early access, and the developers are working on further improvements and optimizations.

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