Steam Spring Sale is Live, Offers Unmissable Discounts on Great Titles

The annual Steam Spring Sale has arrived, offering gamers incredible discounts on a wide variety of must-have titles and recent releases. Running until March 23, the sale presents the perfect opportunity to expand your gaming library with an exciting mix of popular games. To help you make the most of these fantastic deals, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite discounted games, exclusively available on Steam.

Our Favorites

The list below is subject to change as we’re still skimming through the discounts.

  1. Battlefield 2042 – 70% Discount: The latest installment in the Battlefield series brings even more intense and large-scale warfare. With a 70% discount, this is the perfect time to jump into action.
  2. Call of Duty – 35% Discount: A long-standing favorite among FPS fans, Call of Duty delivers thrilling single-player campaigns and fast-paced multiplayer action. Take advantage of the 35% discount to experience the iconic franchise.
  3. Monster Hunter Rise – 50% Discount: Join the hunt and slay fearsome monsters in the latest entry to the Monster Hunter series. With a 50% discount, it’s the perfect time to dive into this challenging and rewarding action RPG.
  4. Hell Let Loose – 33% Discount: Immerse yourself in the brutal chaos of World War II with Hell Let Loose. With a 33% discount, you can experience the large-scale battles and authentic weaponry of this realistic FPS.
  5. Chivalry 2 – 50% Discount: Engage in intense medieval combat with Chivalry 2. The 50% discount makes it an ideal time to test your mettle on the battlefield.
  6. Watch Dogs Legion – 80% Discount: Explore a dystopian London and fight against an oppressive regime in Watch Dogs Legion. With an incredible 80% discount, there’s no better time to join the resistance.
  7. Sniper Elite 5 – 50% Discount: Put your sniping skills to the test in the newest installment of the Sniper Elite series. With a 50% discount, you can experience the thrilling stealth and action-packed gameplay.
  8. Forspoken – 33% Discount: Dive into an enchanting world filled with magic and wonder in Forspoken. With a 33% discount, this action-adventure game is a must-have for any fantasy lover.
  9. Insurgency Sandstorm – 50% Discount: Experience intense close-quarters combat in Insurgency Sandstorm, a tactical FPS that emphasizes teamwork and strategy. With a 50% discount, it’s a great time to join the fight.
  10. Far Cry 5 – 85% Discount: Liberate Hope County from a fanatical cult in the gripping open-world adventure, Far Cry 5. At an incredible 85% discount, this is an unmissable deal for any action game enthusiast.
  11. Deathloop – 67% Discount: Break the time loop and uncover the mystery behind the island of Blackreef in this innovative action-adventure title. With a 67% discount, Deathloop is an excellent addition to your gaming collection.

The Steam Spring Sale offers a treasure trove of discounted games for all tastes and interests. Don’t miss your chance to grab these amazing deals, and be sure to check out the complete list of discounted games on Steam before the sale ends on March 23.

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