The Last of Us Part 1 PC Port is Handled by Iron Galaxy, PC Specs Lowered

Recently, Naughty Dog shared the official PC system requirements for The Last of Us Part I Remake without revealing the official studio responsible for the port. Well, it appears that the studio in charge of the PC port will be Iron Galaxy, as the image with the PC Specs was updated. While some gamers welcomed the news, others expressed concerns over Iron Galaxy’s ability to deliver a high-quality PC port of the highly acclaimed game.

Iron Galaxy has faced criticism for some of its PC ports, including Batman: Arkham Knight, which suffered numerous issues at launch. Furthermore, some gamers were disappointed to learn that Naughty Dog had outsourced the PC port to a third-party studio rather than developing it in-house. While outsourcing game development is not uncommon in the industry, some gamers feel that The Last of Us Part I Remake is a highly anticipated title that deserves the full attention of Naughty Dog’s talented developers.

Below you can find the updated PC system requirements image:

Despite these concerns, it is essential to note that the quality of The Last of Us Part I Remake on PC will depend on various factors, including the skill and resources of Iron Galaxy and any support or guidance they receive from Naughty Dog. It is reasonable to approach the release with some caution, but it is also possible that the game will exceed expectations.

While there are concerns about Iron Galaxy’s ability to deliver a high-quality PC port of The Last of Us Part I Remake, it is important to keep an open mind and wait until the game is released before passing judgement. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that The Last of Us Part I Remake is one of the most highly anticipated PC games of the year, and many gamers are eagerly looking forward to experiencing it on their preferred platform.

The Last of Us PC launches later this month, March 28.

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