Valorant’s Bind Map will make a return with Patch 6.08

Riot Games has announced the return of the Bind map to the competitive queue with Patch 6.08, launching on April 25th. This revamped version of Bind will debut at the beginning of Act III, featuring significant changes that promise to reinvigorate gameplay and challenge players’ strategies.

This was announced by Valorant’s official Twitter profile, revealing the queued changes coming to Bind. The map will receive a couple of alterations, including:

  • A Teleporter Exit and A Bath Entrance (Before/After)

  • A Bath Interior and A Bath Exit to A Site (Before/After)

  • A Site Wall (Near Tower) and A Site Back Wall (Before/After)

The first noticeable change will be the teleporter exit and the A Bath entrance. The updated design will offer a new strategic approach for players when entering or exiting the teleporter, providing more room for maneuverability and improved sightlines.

The A Bath interior and its exit to the A site have also transformed. The new layout will provide more cover for players.

The A site wall near the tower and the back wall of the A site have been reworked. The wall modifications are expected to enhance the map’s flow and promote more tactical approaches when attacking or defending the site.

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