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World War 3 March 30 Patch Notes Revealed

The Operation Sunstorm update for World War 3 is almost here! Set to release on March 30, 2023, this massive patch brings new content, features, and improvements to the game. Players will be excited to explore new maps, test new weapons, and experience innovative game mechanics in this free update on the World War 3 Launcher and Steam.

World War 3 players can expect a thrilling new game mode called FUBAR, along with two fresh maps: Tokyo (Tactical Ops/FUBAR) and Shibuya (Team Deathmatch/Domination). The update also introduces three new weapons – TYPE-89 (Assault Rifle), QBZ-191 (Assault Rifle), and PF3 (Rocket Launcher) – and three new strikes: TYPE-X (Main Battle Tank), Type XVI (Tank Destroyer), and Bumblebee (Drone). Players can now access neutral trucks in FUBAR matches and enjoy a new Japanese voiceover by Takeo.

The new contextual HUD feature allows players to minimize UI clutter by choosing which elements are displayed based on the current action. The Revive System, exclusive to FUBAR matches, lets players bring back critically wounded teammates. The Staged Reload system improves weapon reloading by enabling the resumption of interrupted reloads.

For the complete patch notes, check below.

World War 3 Operation Sunstorm March 30 Patch Notes


  • Added a new game mode: FUBAR.
  • Added two new maps: Tokyo (Tactical Ops/FUBAR) and Shibuya (Team Deathmatch/Domination).
  • Added three new weapons: TYPE-89 (Assault Rifle), QBZ-191 (Assault Rifle), and PF3 (Rocket Launcher).
  • Added three new strikes: TYPE-X (Main Battle Tank), Type XVI (Tank Destroyer), and Bumblebee (Drone).
  • Added neutral vehicle: Trucks (FUBAR).
  • Domination Mode is now in permanent rotation.
  • Added new Achievements and Challenges.
  • New content added to the Shop and Operation Sunstorm Battle Pass.
  • Added Japanese voiceover: Takeo.


  • Added a contextual HUD (enable it via your game options). This feature allows players to select HUD elements that will only be visible when an action is required to minimize the number of widgets on the UI. This includes elements such as vehicle health, ammo types, current ammo, and player status. Elements can be set to Enabled (always on), Contextual (seen when required), and Disabled (always off).
  • Added the Revive System (available in FUBAR matches), allowing players to revive their downed and critically wounded teammates.
    • Downed players will bleed out for 30 seconds, during which time they can be revived by a teammate.
    • Players can move around while down, but doing so doubles the speed at which they bleed out.
    • Downed players can initially freely look around and mark points of interest, including enemies, for their teammates to spot by pressing the MARK key.
    • Downed players can be immobilized by dealing further damage to them. After this stage, they can only slightly move their camera and mark points of interest.
    • Downed players are marked by a unique Revive icon, visible only to teammates up to 30 meters away. This icon also shows how much time is left before the downed player bleeds out.
    • Downed players can see a list of nearby players who can revive them up to 50 meters away.
    • Players can ping downed teammates by aiming at them and pressing the MARK key to indicate to the downed player that help is en route.
    • Alternatively, downed players can return to the Deploy Screen without waiting a full 30 seconds to bleed out. Press and hold the USE key to return to the kill screen, where players can then return to the Deploy Screen.
    • Reviving a player does not pause the bleed-out timer. However, if the bleed-out timer runs out mid-revive, the downed player does not die.
    • Players can still be instantly killed by explosions, headshots, vehicles, fall damage, environmental damage (e.g. fire), fatal melee attacks, and the M200.
  • Added the Staged Reload system. This allows you to resume the reloading process of weapons if interrupted (reload interruptions can be caused by jumping, switching weapons, going prone or on your back, moving in any direction while prone, using a gadget, or calling in a Strike).
  • Added in-game notification system for news and patch notes delivery.
  • Battle Pass Tiers can now be skipped using UNC.


  • New refill animation for gadgets has your character use their left hand to pick up any pack.
  • Vehicle audio overhaul and improvements.
    • New sounds have been created for tanks and wheeled vehicles based on real-world recordings of old and new vehicles like the Leopard 2, Patria, SKOT, Rosomak, Ural, and Polaris Sportsman. As we pursue a more immersive experience, we wanted to expand the range of sounds on the battlefield and create a hierarchy, in a sense. We wanted the sounds to work in balance with every gunshot, footstep, or explosion players hear, and for players to be able to glean information about vehicles even without seeing them. Armored vehicles are sharper, louder, and much more aggressive, especially compared to tanks and large-wheeled combat vehicles. Tanks evoke fear through a proximity effect, both at low and high frequencies. The new sounds of vehicles are much more complex and include various layers such as traction, suspension, braking systems, body, horns, and all kinds of foleys or systems that inform about the threat of enemy fire, the degree of damage to the vehicle, or its individual components. Equally important was the work on the mechanics of vehicles’ sound, which became even more complex when taking into account the unevenness of the terrain, the surface the vehicle is driving on, driving or braking speeds, skidding, and even collisions.
  • Improved landing animations. When you receive critical damage from a drop, you will see a short animation of your character sustaining damage.
  • Improved Iron Sights model to enhance visibility.
  • Improved vehicle first- and third-person perspective cameras.
    • The third-person camera can now be locked to transport vehicles such as buggies or quads. The right-mouse button locks the perspective you’re currently looking at and will be consistent with your vehicle.
    • In first-person, sitting in the driver seat brings up an overlay resembling the vehicle’s interior, and you can stare through the windshield from inside the vehicle. Gunner positions will see a black overlay representing the viewfinder. While driving vehicles that do not have a first-person camera, you will see the battlefield through the windshield.
  • Improved helidrone flying model, physics, and camera perspectives.
  • Reworked Tactical Ops scoring for a better balance between points awarded to squads and solo players.
  • Polished animations on grenades, tablets, C4, first aid kits, and Radio Harris (UAV).
  • Added Weapon and World blur settings.


  • Tweaked Combo Suppressor and Carbon Suppressor recoil and muzzle velocity bonuses.
  • M203 GL now uses about 30% of the ammunition pack when resupplied.
  • Adjusted damage and armor penetration values of the SIG to better differentiate it from 9x19mm SMGs.
  • Adjusted damage profiles for calibers 7.62x39mm (Compact Barrel and Marksman Barrel) and .300 BLACKOUT (Compact Barrel) to improve performance at their intended ranges.
  • Slightly increased recoil on QBZ-95 and slightly decreased its rate of fire.
  • Non-default iron sights no longer use an attachment slot.
  • Decreased visual recoil on the M4, G36 and SA80.
  • Damage for LMG/HMG for Imugi has been decreased.
  • Splash damage for LMG/HMG for Imugi has been decreased.
  • Increased visual recoil on iron sights for all weapons.
  • Changed player dots opacity to be clearer over distance.
  • Camera position changed on medium scopes for more clarity.
  • Added additional camera shakes with various interactions (e.g. switching to point shooting).
  • Added idle animations for all weapons.
  •  Reaper Jammer now has a 60-second cooldown.
  • T72 special turret is now equipped with a standard 30mm cannon and rockets.
  • Changed the prices of Strikes:
    • Quadro: 800 (previously 750)
    • Warmate: 1300 (previously 1500)
  • Added a separate cooldown for vehicles, depending on the category (vehicle/big drones/long-range support/UAV/jammers).
  • If you try to drop a Strike from a different category than the one you previously dropped, you must wait for the cooldown.
  • Switching to a K21 turret that does not accept RCWS now clears the RCWS slot.
  • Updated projectile explosion for FZ rockets.
  • Changed pitch/yaw settings for anti-aircraft turrets.
  • Added correct radio icons for all drones.
  • Tweaks and fixes to hatch behavior and animations for vehicles that have them.
  • Fixed funnel camera positions in customization.
  • Changes to Weapons’ Mastery progression:
    • All weapons now unlock their base attachments and Default Camo at LV1.
    • G36: Replaced incompatible stock at LV30.
    • M416: Removed duplicate cosmetic attachment from LV6, SD Barrel now properly unlocks its integrated handguard.
    • AK-15: Proper handguard is now unlocked at LV45 alongside the SD Barrel, fixed duplicate unlock at LV50.
    • Alpha: Cosmetic stock previously unlocked at LV54 is now unlocked at LV50 to improve the flow of cosmetic attachments.
    • M417, SCAR-H: Long and Short handguards are now unlocked alongside their respective Barrels at LV17 and LV33.
    • UKM, PKP Pecheneg BP: A handguard is unlocked alongside the Compact Barrel at LV27 to ensure compatibility with some attachment combinations.
    • MG5: Unlocks a Cosmetic Rail at LV28.
    • Tochnost: Replaced incompatible stock at LV19.
    • MCS: Default, Short, and Long Forends are now unlocked at LV1, LV6, and LV10 respectively.
    • Ragun: Now unlocks its unique iron sight at LV1.
    • DMG Nine Milli: Now unlocks a Red Dot Sight at LV2 and the Stock Barrel at LV3, SIG MUZZLE BRAKE now unlocked at LV16, DMG NINE-MILLI MUZZLE BRAKE now unlocked at LV28, and cosmetic stock unlock moved from LV43 to LV41 to improve the flow of cosmetic attachments.
    • Vityaz: SIG MUZZLE BRAKE is now unlocked at LV10, DMG NINE-MILLI, and MUZZLE BRAKE are now unlocked at LV35, and the Cosmetic Receiver unlock was moved from LV49 to LV46 to improve the flow of cosmetic attachments.
    • Glauberyt: SIG MUZZLE BRAKE is now unlocked at LV16 and DMG NINE-MILLI MUZZLE BRAKE at LV28.
    • SIG: SIG MUZZLE BRAKE is now unlocked at LV4 and DMG NINE-MILLI MUZZLE BRAKE at LV30, Short Handguard is now unlocked with Compact Barrel at LV15.


  • All left-hand grip poses have been corrected for lowers/handguards/attachments for all weapons.
  • Additional polish on all first-person perspective short reloads with MSBS-K.
  • Additional polish on all first-person perspective long and short reloads with MSBS-B.
  • First-person perspective idle animations correction for M4 MWS and additional polish on all first-person perspective long and short reloads.
  • Reload animations polished and updated for all weapons to provide smooth integration with the new Staged Reload system.
  • Added more responsive and effective first-person perspective gadget throwing and equipping animations.
  • When sprinting in first-person perspective, the equipping animations are matched to the weapon’s position on the screen, making for smoother movement.
  • Added first- and third-person animations sets for 3 new weapons: Type-89, QBZ-191, and PF3.
  • Added new first-person equip animations for all weapons and all poses.
  • Improved first-person transitions from sprinting to walking to turbo sprinting.
  • Improved first-person inspection poses for QBZ-95.
  • Corrected issue where the right wrist meshes intersect with jacket meshes while reloading the QBZ-95 in first-person.
  • Additional polish on all first-person perspective long and short reloads with the Deagle, and resolved issues with arm rotation.
  • Improved idle animations for Vepr Shotgun and added additional polish on all first-person perspective long and short reloads.
  • Added new third-person animations for RPG7 and Vityaz in the Summary screen.
  • Additional polish on equipping animations in third-person for all poses, and resolved an issue that resulted in slow animations/
  • Resolved an issue where an Operator’s body would not rotate properly in the hatch of the vehicle.
  • Added more variety to sprinting and turbo sprinting with weapons in third- and first-person.


  • Tier progression is now visible in the Battle Pass tile.
  • Improved Shop layout.
  • New main menu camera position for party and player character.
  • Updated localizations.
  • Improved visual effects in the Summary screen.
  • Various bug fixes.
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