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WWE 2K23 Update 1.05 Now Available, Fixes Crashes and Exploits

Visual Concepts has just released WWE 2K23 update 1.05 for all platforms. The update aims to fix a crashing issue reported by players during Create-A-Superstar customization. In addition, the update also addresses memory-related crashes on PS5 and PC, exploits within MyFACTION, and an issue in MyRISE where players were sent back to the main menu instead of continuing the storyline.

With this latest patch, players should no longer experience crashes while customizing their created wrestlers. The memory-related crashes on PS5 and PC have also been addressed, so players can now enjoy a smoother gaming experience. Moreover, the MyFACTION exploits have been fixed, preventing any unfair advantages in multiplayer matches. Finally, the MyRISE issue has been resolved, so players can continue their storyline uninterrupted.

Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below:

WWE 2K23 1.05 Patch Notes

  • Addressed reported concerns of a crash that may occur within Create-A-Superstar when customizing for an extended period of time
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding memory-related crashes that may occur on PlayStation 5 and PC
  • Addressed reported exploits within MyFACTION
    Addressed a reported issue in MyRISE where players would be sent back to the main menu instead of continuing a storyline
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