Xbox players having issues accessing Destiny 2’s Lightfall DLC may have had their purchase refunded

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, has been highly anticipated by fans of the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game. However, some Xbox players have reported issues accessing the DLC, with some even having their purchases refunded by their financial institution or platform.

According to developers, players should check that they have successfully installed the DLC and that the contents are included in their owned edition. Xbox players can check their purchase history and game library to ensure that they have access to the new content and features. Bungie has shared the following on Twitter:

Despite the technical issues, Lightfall offers a lot of exciting new content and challenges for Destiny 2 players. The campaign takes place in a Neptunian city under siege, where players must work together to overcome a looming threat and unlock new rewards and powers. The new Strand subclass allows players to harness the power of darkness and manipulate reality, adding to the game’s diverse customization options.

In addition to the new content, players can explore a neon metropolis on Neptune and face off against new enemies, such as the Shadow Legion. Including the Cloud Striders and the city of Neomuna adds to the game’s rich lore and world-building.

While the technical issues may be frustrating for some players, game developers need to address these issues promptly and ensure that their products are accessible and functional for all players. Hopefully, the issues with the Lightfall DLC will be resolved soon so that all players can enjoy the new content and features.

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