Arcade Bundle Teaser Unveiled, VALORANT’s Upcoming Retro-Themed Collection?

VALORANT is once again making headlines with its upcoming weapon skin bundle. The new bundle has been teased by Riot Games, leaving fans in anticipation of the official reveal. As per renowned leaker Mike, the bundle is named Arcade and will likely feature weapons with a low-bit sound, paying homage to the classic arcade games.

In the teaser, Gekko, VALORANT’s latest agent, opens a dusty box. With no other context provided, Gekko and his pet appear surprised by the box’s contents. Fans speculate that the Arcade Bundle may be an extension of Gekko’s backstory, further exploring the character’s lore within the game.

While no official information has been released about the specific contents of the Arcade Bundle, we can expect a variety of weapon skins designed to evoke the classic arcade gaming era. These skins may feature pixel art, vibrant colors, and low-bit sound effects reminiscent of the games that dominated arcades in the 80s and 90s.

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