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Arma Reforger Experimental Update Brings Stability Improvements

Arma Reforger‘s latest experimental build, version, has been released on Steam and Xbox, bringing modding support and stability improvements. This update focuses on improving the gaming experience while addressing various bugs and crashes.

Modders will be pleased to find an MpTest world version without game mode and other prefabs, allowing them to test custom game modes more easily. A new Tracer bullet base prefab (Ammo_BulletTracer_Base) has also been added for community usage.

The VFX Update includes adding a case for 762x39PS and tweaks to material handling, as well as removing some unnecessary elements like PI division for diffuse lighting and casings on vehicle roof impact banks. Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below:

Arma Reforger Experimental Update Changelog Changelog


  • Added: Free Roam Building Composition direction indicator
  • Added: Peaked cap for USSR hvt character
  • Changed: Free Roam Building –  New implementation of the ranks limitation
  • Changed: Build support structure task disabled
  • Changed: DamageManager.HandleDamage now takes instigator as a parameter instead of damageSource
  • Tweaked: Tripod prefabs + compositions which use them. Also assigned correct anim graphs to tripods and tweaked compartment accessibility
  • Fixed: Free Roam Building – it’s no more possible to place composition into the water
  • Fixed: Null pointer to instance in SetAIWaypoint function
  • Fixed: Multiple cases where instigators would be reset before player deaths
  • Fixed: Missing viewgeo of DoorFrame_MetalGate_04_Small
  • Removed: MineFlag from BTR to prevent error spam

Modding – General

  • Added: Version of MpTest world without game mode and any other prefabs which can be used by the community to test their custom game modes
  • Added: Tracer bullet base prefab (Ammo_BulletTracer_Base) for community usage.

VFX Update

  • Added: Case for 762x39PS, tweak material
  • Removed:  PI division for diffuse lighting
  • Removed: Casings on vehicle roof impact bank


  • Fixed: Linux DS crash on bleeding particle FX
  • Fixed: Crash in font rendering
  • Fixed: Render Crash – Loading GM save with character holding RHS AN/PRC-152 radio
  • Fixed: Crash while loading configs when a lot of mods were enabled
  • Fixed: Crash on deleted Resource name of Behavior tree that was stored in BTmanager


  • Fixed: Flickering shadows
  • Fixed: River flow maps are not present in the built data


  • Fixed: Loading of offline available addons, corrupted addons shouldn’t prevent game starting
  • Fixed: Crash when opening Workshop when you have lots of mods
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