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Atomic Heart Patch Introduces Quality of Life Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

Mundfish has rolled out a new update for Atomic Heart, Patch, bringing quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes, and other enhancements to the game. Among the notable changes are updated to first-person animations, fixes for issues with high FOV gameplay, and improvements to shadows and shaders. The update also addresses a collision issue that caused players to become stuck in specific locations and several problems with the Mass Telekinesis ability

Mundfish has focused on addressing various issues and bugs affecting players’ progress and enjoyment of Atomic Heart. This patch fixes several quests, including a freeze during the Morning Express quest and an issue with saving puzzle progress. The update also resolves problems with unlocking achievements and auto-detection of voice-over languages, ensuring that players are appropriately rewarded for their in-game accomplishments.

Atomic Heart’s open-world gameplay has also received attention in Patch, with improvements made to various aspects of the game world. Players can now loot corpses found in water, climb more efficiently in “corners,” and launch funiculars at the entrance to the Vavilov Complex tunnels after completing them. Without further ado, you can find the complete patch notes below.

Atomic Heart 1.4.00 Patch Notes


  • HUD, subtitle size settings
  • Fixed an issue with unlocking achievements (note the additional nuances in the recommendations section)
  • Fixed an issue with auto-detection of voice-over language


  • Improved display of shadows
  • Fixed an issue with cartoons being absent in save rooms
  • Removed binding of funiculars to FPS in the Vavilov Complex tunnels
  • Updated shaders
  • In certain places, the white image on TVs has been changed to static
  • Fixed an issue with art subtitles—translation will now be displayed
  • Updated first-person animations and fixed issues with the character’s body showing when playing with high FOV


  • Fixed the freeze during the Morning Express quest
  • Icarus in the VDNH now rises all the way when loading a save where it was stuck
  • Fixed an issue with saving the puzzle with rays
  • Fixed an issue with subtitle display (freezing)


  • Added ability to loot corpses lying in the water
  • Improved climbing in “corners”
  • Added the ability to launch funiculars at the entrance to the Vavilov Complex tunnels after going through them
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in collisions in some places
  • Fixed several issues with the Mass Telekinesis ability
  • Optimization and fixes for corpses of mobs
  • Fixed an issue with health regeneration when loading a save


  • Improved optimization (LTO and others)


  • Fixed DLC content visualization on the character in the main menu


  • We cannot guarantee or support the game if the Atomic Heart game client has been modified by any third-party software. If this happens, you should uninstall this software and install the game again.
  • If you encounter issues on Steam, first check the integrity of the game files as described here. This may solve the issues:
  • Updating the driver to the latest version may improve performance (NVIDIA only)
  • There may be some delay in unlocking achievements entirely on savegames before or during the Day 1 patch, there may there may be some issues, which can be solved as follows:

a) In case the achievements were not unlocked, although their progress was achieved, it will be necessary to re-execute all the conditions by starting a new game;

b) In the rare case where all achievements have been obtained, but for obtaining them all has not been unlocked achievement “The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes”, the problem can be solved simply by starting a new game, at the launch of which will occur recalculation data, which will entail the unlocking of an achievement.

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