Capcom Removes Denuvo DRM from Resident Evil Village on Steam

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Capcom, the prominent game developer behind the popular survival horror series Resident Evil, has recently removed Denuvo DRM from the Steam version of Resident Evil Village, as noted on SteamDB. This move has been well-received by players, as the anti-tamper software has been a contentious issue in the gaming community, mainly due to its impact on the game’s performance and frame rates.

Denuvo DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a third-party software developed by the Austrian company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH. Its primary purpose is to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of games, thereby protecting the intellectual property of game developers. However, Denuvo DRM has been a controversial topic among PC gamers, with many arguing that the software negatively impacts game performance and can even be invasive in terms of user privacy.

Resident Evil Village, which has sold over 7.4 million copies worldwide across all platforms, was initially released with Denuvo DRM included in the Steam version. The software was reported to have affected the game’s performance, causing noticeable frame rate drops and an unsatisfactory gaming experience for many players. This performance issue and the ongoing controversy surrounding Denuvo DRM deterred some gamers from purchasing the title.

Players who were previously hesitant to purchase the game due to the inclusion of the anti-tamper software can now enjoy the title without any performance-related concerns.

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