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DayZ Releases PC Experimental 1.21 Update 1

Bohemia Interactive has released the PC Experimental 1.21 Update 1 (Version 1.21.156073) for DayZ, bringing a host of new features, improvements, and fixes to the game. Remember to verify the integrity of your game cache through the Steam client and consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading extensive updates. If you’re deep into the game, you can find all of the patch notes below.

PC Experimental 1.21 Update 1 – Version 1.21.156073 (Released on 20.04.2023)


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.



  • Crossbow and color variants
  • Bolts and Improvised Bolt variants
  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Chainmail
  • Chainmail Leggings
  • Chainmail Coif
  • Norse Helm
  • Chestplate
  • Medieval Boots
  • Wool Gloves with fingerless and color variants
  • Feathers
  • Game hints in the loading screen
  • Added new game hints
  • Thrown items and moving vehicles now move smoother on high refresh rate devices
  • Status icon for mild leg injuries
  • UI brightness can be adjusted in the settings
  • The character now spawns with items pre-assigned to their quickbar


  • Fixed further exploits to look through walls ( – private)
  • Fixed an exploit to glitch through walls
  • It was possible to execute a stealth kill even if there was an obstacle between the player and the target
  • Several explosions were missing their tail sounds
  • The camera would move sharply when a vehicle turns opposite to the mouse/joystick movement
  • The camera would glitch when swimming with a broken leg (
  • The action to refill a partially filled gasoline container would appear at water sources
  • The Scout rifle reload sounds would echo (
  • Items ruined while in a container carried in hands would float in the air
  • Fixed issues with several structures ( – private)
  • It was very difficult to reach the “Open trunk” action for the Olga 02 wreck
  • Ruining handcuffs would not free the cuffed player (
  • Arming/disarming damaged Remote Detonation Units would reset the health of the explosive and detonator (
  • Links between remote detonators and explosives were not persistent
  • The character could collide with items dropped from a thrown fireplace
  • Interrupting of building by another player could result in desync
  • On lowest FOV settings, the camera would zoom out instead of in when focusing the view
  • Items inside the vehicle cargo were not drying or changing their temperature (
  • Exhaling sound was missing when exiting ADS while holding breath (
  • The player could fall to their death when reconnecting while high on a  ladder (
  • Infected could walk through specific base building objects
  • Fire barrels did not have accessible cargo space when attached to a truck (
  • Aiming to attach wooden sticks to an improvised shelter could display non-functional selection arrows
  • Weight of the heat pack was irrationally high
  • It was not possible to purify water in a cauldron (
  • It was possible to purify an empty container
  • Placing a tent inside a bigger tent could cause inventory management problems
  • Thermometer was not displaying realistic temperatures in cases of sickness
  • The character could get stuck when changing stances while dropping an item
  • Player could desync and fall through the map by going prone or being attacked by infected (
  • Accessing ladders from crouch position could offset the character’s collision
  • PU scope reticle would glow slightly at night
  • Heat comfort was not handled properly after reconnecting on elevated positions in buildings
  • The tripwire could not be moved in the inventory in ruined state (
  • Advanced placement did not work as intended in the small factory building (
  • Some clothes, accessories, tools and car parts could not be shot through (
  • A damaged Battery could lose quantity when being swapped
  • A square shape was present when looking through the iron sights of the 4x ATOG optic (
  • UI tabs were resized when changing sliders in the settings (
  • The control when looking through binoculars and certain scopes in hands was very floaty (
  • Desync when reconnecting near a car or entering a running car’s network bubble could result in the client showing a stalled state for the car
  • Aiming while prone would not take the terrain surface into account normally
  • The state of weapons would not be reflected properly when dropped to the ground
  • The texture for b***** hands was darker on survivor model 11
  • The action to wash hands was even available when gloves are put over the b***** hands
  • Infected could walk through rocks
  • Infected could walk through piles of wooden planks
  • The NVG headstrap could be dropped on the ground upon reconnect
  • Vehicle startup sounds were not synchronized with the animation (
  • Freelook could only turn the camera by 90 degrees (
  • Bird and cricket ambient sounds would cut instantly when a player shoots within 500 meters
  • Bird and cricket ambient sounds would not react to explosion sounds
  • Soft braking a vehicle with CTRL+S was not working as intended
  • The player could get stuck in the load-in queue at position 0 while being kicked off the server
  • Fixed a bug that could transform vehicles into unusual shapes
  • Fixed an issue where players with poor network connection could influence the connection of other players
  • Fixed several cases of items falling through the map when being thrown
  • Reigniting a fireplace would not increase its heat again (


  • Reworked falling damage impact depending on height
  • Removed the BattlEye license agreement prompt in-game (PC only – – private)
  • Tweaked sounds of doors with valve lock
  • Changed the horn sound of the M3S truck
  • Increased the audibility of explosions
  • Allowed eye gear to spawn on infected (
  • Login timers are now also displaying in minutes and hours
  • Zoom functionality is no longer reduced during fast movement in crouch or prone
  • Applied minor visual tweaks to the Great Helm
  • Reduced the weight of the plastic explosive by 60% (
  • Tweaked impact sounds for metallic objects depending on the targeted surface
  • Ripened horticulture plants now stay for twice as long before they start to decay
  • Increased the minimum amount of quick slots available to the player
  • Reduced the amount of additional quick slots given by certain gear
  • Interactions with a power generator now refresh the lifetime of it and all items connected to it (
  • Removed the “Loading…” text on the login timer
  • Washing hands is now a continuous action
  • Tweaked the width of all tire tracks
  • Changed the animation for pill consumption
  • Improved the visuals of the PSO-1, PSO-1-1 and P1-87-L Scopes
  • Reduced the reflection on the glass of scopes
  • Improvised fishing rod can now be dismantled
  • Adjusted position/rotation of individual weapons when carried on the shoulder (
  • Distant lights are much dimmer
  • Transition from close up light to distant is much smoother
  • Slightly increased the damage the Sarka 120 takes from impacts
  • The drying rate of items has been adjusted to correctly reflect item location and outside influences
  • Increased the duration of the wringing action
  • Adjusted inventory lighting to make the item previews more read-able (less over-exposed) and more in the style of UI (flatter lighting)


  • Changed: Updated the Chernogorsk football field



  • Added: Object spawner supports direct p3d spawning (Documentation)
  • Added: Server config int parameter ‘networkObjectBatchSend’ (default = 10) which is how many objects within a players network bubble are sent to be created within a server frame ( (Documentation)
  • Added: Server config int parameter ‘networkObjectBatchCompute’ (default = 1000) which is how many objects within a players network bubble are processed to check if it already exists for the player within a server frame (Documentation)
  • Added: Optional logging for raising/lowering flags at flag poles (
  • Added: Object Spawner: “enableCEPersistency” which when set to true will make an object behave as configured by economy, otherwise it will not be saved in the server storage until a player puts it in inventory
  • Fixed: Script execution not functioning properly in certain situations depending on init.c ( – private)
  • Fixed Several inconsistencies in the admin logs (
  • Fixed: It was not possible to spawn infected with functional head torches attached (
  • Fixed: Items spawned before CE Init were not persistent
  • Changed: Shortcut for map toggling is not available if use3dMap option is enabled (


  • Fixed: Offline servers (in Favorites tab) now always appear after online servers
  • Tweaked: Offline servers (in Favorites tab) are now faded to clearly indicate they are offline


  • Added: WORKBENCH define for script which should only compiled on Workbench launch
  • Added: Defines Window to set up custom Workbench validation
  • Added: “Compile Core Builds scripts” option to Build menu (CTRL+ALT+F7) to compile multiple important build setups in a row
  • Added: Flags parameter to DayZPlayerUtils::SceneGetEntitiesInBox (
  • Added: Additional flags parameter for DayZPlayerUtils.SceneGetEntitiesInBox
  • Added: Class in CfgMods now auto generates a static (loaded before script compilation begins) script define (
  • Added: Class in CfgMods now supports “defines[]” text array which adds static script defines
  • Added: Support for adding static script defines in gproj with ScriptDefines -> ScriptDefinesClass (
  • Added: CGame::CreateStaticObjectUsingP3D
  • Added: ‘Serializer.CanWrite’/Serializer.CanRead’ to check if the serializer can be read or written to
  • Added: ‘IEntity.GetRenderTransform’
  • Added: Variable ‘DayZPlayerCameraResult.m_bUpdateEveryFrame’ to change camera update behaviour from fixed tick to unlocked frame rate
  • Added: Variable ‘DayZPlayerCameraResult.m_OwnerTM’ to override the transformation of the owner
  • Added: Ability to set proxy (inventory slot) offset per item in item config
  • Added: Methods for controlling brightness of UI (Widget.SetLV, Widget.SetTextLV, Widget.SetObjectLighting)
  • Added: “ignoregloballv” property flag to layout
  • Added: ‘HumanInputController.GetAimDelta’ to get the frame independent aim change
  • Added: ‘IEntity.AddChild’ can use pivot points on RV animated objects
  • Added: ‘Object.GetBonePivot(level, component)’ to retrieve the pivot index for the component in the shapes LOD
  • Added: Moved ‘GetBonePositionX’, ‘GetBoneRotationX’ and GetBoneTransformX’ to Object class, can be used on RV and Enfusion animated objects
  • Added: ‘DayZCreature.GetBoneIndexByName’
  • Added: Ability to set inventory lighting from config (top-level InventoryLighting config class)
  • Added: Exposed methods World::MarkObjectForPathgraphUpdate and World::ProcessMarkedObjectsForPathgraphUpdate
  • Added: ‘IEntity.GetHierarchyPivot’ to get the pivot point used when called with ‘IEntity.AddChild’
  • Added: CollisionInfo classes for OnProjectileStoppedInTerrain() and OnProjectileStoppedInObject(), which will fire for ALL projectiles that get stuck in objects
  • Added: InventorySlotsOffsets config class (on item/weapon), which can define position and rotation offset of an item when placed into a slot on the character
  • Fixed: Transformation synchronization for script class ‘Transport’ when the vehicle is inactive (
  • Fixed: EntityAI which were previously reported as Object in script will now be properly reported as EntityAI (
  • Fixed: ‘typename.GetVariableValue’ would not check inheritance
  • Fixed: Crash when calling methods on inventory owner in GameInventory.Init
  • Fixed: Crash on DayZCreatureAIInputController::GetMovementSpeed() (
  • Changed: Moved ‘EntityAI.IsDayZCreature()’ to ‘Object’ class
  • Changed: Ignore detection of dropped items has partially been moved to script through overridable method ‘Object.CanBeIgnoredByDroppedItem’
  • Changed: ‘IEntity.AddChild’ (and ‘Human.LinkToLocalSpaceOf’) now synchronize the pivot and position only flags to clients (
  • Removed: Obsolete sound config parameters: drySound, reloadMagazineSound, reloadSound, reloadAction, shotAction, reloadSkips, soundBullet, disarmAction, soundBegin, soundBeginExt
  • Removed: ‘Protected’ keywords from PPEMatClassParameter* Update method variables (


  • The ability to pick up bolts after impacting is currently inconsistent
  • Some explosions sound unnatural
  • Servers in the game launcher are blank (adjusting the window size of the launcher resolves this)
  • Arrows are incorrectly attached to characters or objects after getting hit
  • Loaded arrow is missing from the Crossbow after reconnecting / re-entering the network bubble
  • Cancelling the reload animation will result in the arrow to visually appear on the crossbow
  • Texts of loading screen hints are cropped in specific resolutions
  • Headtorch is misplaced on infected (we are testing a fix internally)
  • Light sources are not shining if they are not attached to an entity (impacting fireworks, we are testing a fix internally)
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