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Death Stranding Director’s Cut April 19 Patch Notes

Kojima Productions enhances the gaming experience with improved graphics and controller support.

Kojima Productions has recently rolled out a new patch for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which includes support for Intel XeSS 1.1 and DualSense Edge. This update promises to deliver an even more immersive gaming experience for PC players by optimizing graphics and expanding controller compatibility.

In September 2022, Kojima Productions initially introduced support for Intel’s AI upscaling technique, with the first version of XeSS integrated into the game. Now, with the latest patch, players can benefit from the enhanced capabilities of Intel XeSS 1.1.

In addition to the graphics update, the patch introduces support for DualSense Edge. This compatibility broadens the range of controllers that gamers can use, providing them with more options for how they interact with the game.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut April 19 Patch Notes

Porters, the latest update for DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT is out now on Steam. This update contains the following:

  • XeSS v1.1 – Introduces improved temporal stability for XeSS DP4a and XMX models
  • Reduced ghosting, moire and flickering
  • DualSense Edge Support

Please note: Players will need to disable Steam Input and connect their controller with a USB C cable in order to use the full functionality of the DualSense Edge.

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