Destiny 2 Soars to Record-Breaking Player Numbers Post-Lightfall Launch

The popular game achieves its highest average player count in years, as fans embrace the latest expansion.

Destiny 2, the popular live game focused on player-versus-environment (PvE) gameplay, has achieved a significant milestone in its lifetime. Following the Lightfall expansion launch, the game has seen its highest monthly player count since releasing the free-to-play (F2P) version, Shadowkeep.

A recent post on Reddit by u/Merzats (via Forbes) revealed that the average number of players in March reached an impressive 135,102. This figure is only surpassed by the 165,307 players recorded during the launch of Shadowkeep, which also introduced the New Light F2P experience. While the game did not quite reach its peak player numbers from the initial F2P launch, the current figures indicate a thriving game community.

The record-breaking player count is particularly noteworthy as the Lightfall expansion was met with mixed reviews. Some speculated that a significant marketing push from Sony or quality of life (QoL) changes might have played a part in the surge of new and returning players. However, others believe that the overall positive reception of the Witch Queen expansion and the hype surrounding Lightfall has been the primary driving force.

Players have praised the game’s current state, citing the introduction of weapon crafting, improved reward systems, and more consistent content schedules as significant improvements. While there is room for further enhancements, the core gameplay loop remains strong, keeping players engaged and eager for more.

Destiny 2’s resurgence in player numbers is a testament to the game’s ability to adapt and evolve. As the game expands and improves its offerings, this trend will likely continue, solidifying its place as one of the industry’s most successful and enduring PvE-centric live games.

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