Destiny 2’s Season 21 will introduce Exotic Armor Focusing, Engram Adjustments, and more

Exotic Armor Focusing, Engram Adjustments, and More

In response to growing concerns from the Destiny 2 community, Bungie is set to address the methods of procuring Exotics, especially those added with each new season and expansion. With the release of Season 21, also known as Season of the Deep, the developer will introduce Exotic Armor focusing and make some significant changes to Exotic acquisition.

Historically, the only way to farm Exotics in Destiny 2 has been through Legend and Master Lost Sectors. However, as the game added more Exotics, obtaining the desired piece of armor with the right roll became increasingly time-consuming. The difficulty of Lost Sectors surged after the Lightfall expansion, and although Bungie has since reduced enemy health, the farming methods remained less than ideal.

To address these concerns, Bungie will implement Exotic Armor focusing in Season of the Deep. Exotic Engrams obtained from activities like Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, and Vex Strike Force on Neomuna will no longer decrypt automatically. Instead, players can take them to Master Rahool and use Advanced Decryption, which costs one Exotic Engram, one Ascendant Shard, and 30,000 Glimmer. This method allows players to obtain Exotics from previous expansion eras, such as Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, and more.

For those seeking a specific Exotic, Precision Decryption is an option, requiring three Ascendant Shards, one Exotic Engram, one Exotic Cipher, and 60,000 Glimmer. Bungie plans to increase the Exotic Cipher holding limit from one to five in the future, making it easier for players to acquire their desired Exotics.

It’s important to note that new Exotics cannot be obtained through Focusing until they are first unlocked from Vex Strike Force or Lost Sectors. Bungie also intends to move acquiring new armor to a more accessible location, making it even more convenient for players to collect the desired gear.

If you’re eager to find out more details, make sure you check the official blog post.

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