Diablo 4 Level 100 Grind to Take 150+ Hours for Average Players, Associate Director Clarifies

Blizzard Entertainment has been keeping players on their toes with varying information on Diablo 4, slated for release on June 6th. One of the most recent clarifications comes from associate game director Joseph Piepiora, who confirmed that reaching level 100 in the game will take over 150 hours for the average player.

This announcement follows a series of confusing and somewhat contradictory statements regarding the respec cost issue. It has seen game directors go back and forth on whether it would be too expensive or just a bit costly to undo character skill choices.

In response to a tweet by Simon Frostfire (@Xeiom) seeking clarification on leveling time in Diablo 4, Piepiora (@JPiepiora) tweeted: “Reaching level 100 will take 150+ hours for the average player experience.” It’s unclear whether this figure refers to a player exploring all the content without rushing. Still, it indicates a significant amount of playtime is required to reach the maximum level.

Previously, Piepiora had stated that completing the seasonal Battle Pass would take roughly 80 hours, and reaching level 100 could be longer based on the player’s approach to the game. However, the recently revealed 150-hour figure is considerably longer than the initially mentioned 80 hours.

With this information, it’s evident that Diablo 4 will provide players with a substantial gaming experience at launch, even for those not interested in future updates. The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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