Don’t Miss Ubisoft’s The Division Day Livestream

If you’re a fan of The Division series, you won’t want to miss Ubisoft’s The Division Day Livestream happening today, April 20th. The livestream begins at 11:00 am Pacific Time (an hour from the time of this writing) and will provide updates on the popular franchise, including The Division 2, The Division Heartland, and The Division Resurgence. Make sure to set a reminder via the YouTube player embedded at the top of this article.

Fans of The Division 2 can expect an overview of the content roadmap for the game’s fifth year. The livestream will also provide details on the new Descent Mode, offering a glimpse of what’s in store for the popular looter-shooter.

The Division Heartland, a console-based, free-to-play sequel announced in 2021, is set to provide a new perspective on The Division’s universe in a new setting. The livestream will feature the world premiere of the game’s cinematic intro and offer a preview of the gameplay, showcasing how small-town America was affected by the Dollar Flu/Green Poison.

The Division Resurgence is the mobile-only adaptation of the franchise. Viewers can expect information on the project’s progress and the timing of its test phase.

The Division Day Livestream offers a unique opportunity for fans to get a closer look at the franchise’s future. Don’t miss out on this exciting event, and remember to tune in at 11:00 am Pacific Time (2:00 pm EDT) to catch all the action.

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