Escape From Tarkov’s Major Updates and Optimizations Scheduled for 2023

Battlestate Games announces significant changes, including a Unity 2021 migration and major performance enhancements.

During today’s podcast, Battlestate Games shared some exciting news for Escape From Tarkov fans, detailing their plans for significant updates, optimizations, and an ongoing battle against cheaters throughout 2023.

Nikita, the COO of Battlestate Games, revealed that their next major update aims to make life extremely difficult for cheat developers. By introducing new features that will break things and harden the work of those who create cheats, the team at Battlestate Games hopes to make it much more challenging for cheaters to infiltrate the game.

Optimizations and Technical Updates

The development team has been working on multiple optimizations and patches to improve the game’s performance. One of the most significant updates will be migrating to Unity 2021, which is expected to occur in May 2023. This migration will enable the team to make substantial improvements in optimization, graphics, memory, and more.

2023 Goals and Optimizations

Battlestate Games has set several goals for 2023, which include:

  • gradually increasing the number of players to 60
  • improving hit registration
  • enhancing positional matching of players on the server and client
  • achieving a noticeable FPS increase in online raids
  • reducing the chance of desync on the server
  • and optimizing network traffic.

The second round of optimizations will involve refining and applying a new cooling system, which includes an improved rendering technique. This should decrease freezes and increase FPS, particularly on the vast Streets of Tarkov map.

A Focus on Technical Improvements

While Battlestate Games focuses on the technical side of development, the team will continue to provide new updates and content for Escape From Tarkov. With more engineers working on optimizing the next technical update, Nikita assures players that they are in good hands.

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