Flashback 2 Set for November 2023 Release, New Trailer Unveiled

Microids has finally announced the release month for Flashback 2, the long-awaited sequel to its classic cinematic platformer. The game is set to hit shelves in November 2023 and will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. A new trailer has also been released (embedded above), offering a glimpse of the gameplay and teasing the next chapter of Conrad’s battle against the Morphs.

The game is already available on Steam’s library. As per the game’s description: Immerse yourself in an action-packed cyberpunk universe where the fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance. The Morphs are preparing their final attack, determined to enslave every civilization in the Solar System – and it’s your mission to fight back!

Originally a 2D game, Flashback 2 has transitioned into a 2.5D title, allowing the protagonist, Conrad, to move up and down on the Z-axis and left and right, depending on the level. Some sections of the game even resemble shoot-em-up arenas, showcasing an exciting change of pace from the original.

The sequel’s storyline follows Conrad as he searches for his friend, Ian while navigating through five action-packed levels. Along the way, he uncovers the Morphs’ sinister plan, threatening all civilizations. The game’s graphics and lighting effects have been enhanced, and Conrad’s animations are as smooth as ever.

The original Flashback, released in 1992, was a groundbreaking title that featured advanced rotoscoped animations and an engaging story, earning it a spot among the top 100 games of all time. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic, Flashback 2 has been revamped, offering a fresh experience for fans, old and new.

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