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Forspoken Update 1.12 Introduces Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Luminous Productions has released Forspoken update 1.12, bringing a range of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to enhance the player experience.

The official Forspoken patch notes for April 4 reveal several feature updates, including adjustments to the visual effects of Frey’s Shot spell and changes to the default Sprint button. The update also allows Frey to run in specific locations, such as Pilgrim’s Refuges, the Archives, and the Mausoleum. However, running will still be disabled during certain event scenes.

In addition to the feature updates, the patch introduces miscellaneous improvements, such as enabling the use of touchpad controls for the DualSense Wireless Controller (PlayStation 5) when paired via Bluetooth. Players should note that some DualSense Wireless Controller features, like the integrated speaker and haptic feedback, will not be available when connected through Bluetooth. The complete changelog can be found below:

Forspoken 1.12 Patch Notes

Feature Updates

  • Adjusted the visual effects for Frey’s Shot spell.
  • Changed the default Sprint button from “L3” to “L3 or 〇”.
  • *Existing save files will not be affected.
  • Frey can now run in certain locations, such as Pilgrim’s Refuges, the Archives, and the Mausoleum.
    *Running will remain disabled during certain event scenes.


  • The touchpad controls for DualSense™ Wireless Controller (PlayStation®5) can now be used when the controller is paired by Bluetooth.
  • Certain DualSense™ Wireless Controller features, such as the intergraded speaker or haptic feedbacks cannot be used by Bluetooth pairing.
  • Updated the Intel XeSS version to 1.1.0 which can be used for Intel ARC and Iris Xe.
  • The driver must be updated to or a later version.

Technical Issues

  • Various minor fixes.
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