Fortnite BR Changes Storm Mechanics to Resemble Competitive Matchmaking

Epic Games, the developer behind the wildly popular Fortnite, has recently announced significant changes to the storm mechanics in the game’s Battle Royale mode. In a move designed to make the experience similar to competitive matchmaking, these updates are expected to impact how players approach their strategies.

The developer took to Twitter to share the news, stating:

We’ve made changes to the Storm! Later circles now move as they close in all of Battle Royale, similar to Competitive play. We’ve adjusted all moving storms and later circle timings. We’ve also re-enabled Dynamic Storm Circles to conditionally vary the time between zones.

In addition to the moving storms and adjusted timings, the developers have also re-enabled the Dynamic Storm Circles feature. This system allows the game to conditionally vary the time between zones, adding another layer of uncertainty. Players can no longer rely on a fixed timeframe for each storm phase, so they will need to be more strategic and attentive to the game’s environment.

These changes to Fortnite’s storm mechanics are expected to significantly impact the game, making the Battle Royale mode more engaging and challenging for players. By introducing elements of competitive play into the standard game mode, Epic Games aims to create a more exciting and intense experience.

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