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Fortnite Save the World 24.10 Update Brings Scurvy Shoals Venture Season, Dungeons and more

Get ready to set sail, delve into dungeons, and defend Homebase from pirates in Fortnite Save the World's latest update.

Epic Games has released the latest hotfix for Fortnite Save the World, introducing new content for players to enjoy. The v24.10 April 5 hotfix marks the return of the Scurvy Shoals Venture Season, the reintroduction of Dungeons, and the recovery of fan-favorite Miss Bunny Penny to the Event and Weekly Store.

Starting at 8 PM ET on April 5, players can embark on the Scurvy Shoals Venture Season, which will run until June 21, 2023. This pirate-themed season offers Bouncy Husks and Super Treasure modifiers, providing players with a unique challenge as they battle through waves of enemies and hunt for valuable loot.

Dungeons also return triumphantly with this update, allowing players to delve into the depths of dangerous dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and valuable rewards. Players can unlock the Chaos Agent, Swamp Knight, and Mermonster Ken Heroes by completing specific Dungeon Quests, each with their own powerful abilities and perks.

In addition to the new Venture Season and Dungeons, the Yarrr’s Questline will be available from April 5 at 8 PM ET to May 17, 8 PM ET. Players who successfully defend Homebase from pirate invaders will be rewarded with the pirate Hero, Blakebeard the Blackhearted.

Finally, Miss Bunny Penny makes her return to the Event and Weekly Store, offering players a chance to add her to their collection. With her unique Plasma Overdrive perk, she can provide valuable assistance on the battlefield.

Fortnite Save The World 24.10 Changes

The v24.10 April 5 hotfix brings the return of the Scurvy Shoals Venture Season! Grab your gear and get ready for the start of the Season at 8 PM ET on April 5.

Also with this hotfix, Dungeons return and Miss Bunny Penny comes back to the Event and Weekly Store!


Get ready for a high seas venture: the Scurvy Shoals Venture Season sails on from April 5 at 8 PM ET to June 21, 2023, at June 21 8 PM ET. In addition to the treasure-filled Pirate Llamas, here’s what to expect:


Rock the boat with the Bouncy Husks modifier! With this modifier, Husks, Huskies, and Mist Monsters will all have increased Health, but to your fortune, they’ll all be more susceptible to knockbacks, especially from ranged and melee weapons. Send those Husks back into the Storm from whence they came!


Loot like a real pirate. With the Super Treasure modifier, Treasure Chests filled with valuable loot will periodically drop from enemies you defeat. Rough sailing makes for strong Commanders: the tougher the enemy you defeat, the more likely a Treasure Chest will drop from it.

Fortnite Save The World Scury Shoals


Raging evil awaits — gear up and descend into the depths teeming with monsters and traps. What’s in it for you? There are weapons to collect and Heroes to recruit along the way! Dungeons are available for descent starting April 5 at 8 PM ET.

Fortnite Save The World Dungeons

Completing the Lab Dungeon by the end of the season will unlock a Banner as well as the Chaos Agent Hero. Completing The Crypts Dungeon Quests, available until June 21, will unlock the Swamp Knight Hero. Completing The Grotto Dungeon Quests will unlock the Mermonster Ken Hero.


Fortnite Chaos Agent Png

“My greatest strength? I strive in chaotic environments.” – Chaos Agent

  • Standard Perk: Quick Fingers

    • Whenever you use any ability, Quick Fingers reloads your equipped weapon (if it can be reloaded).

  • Commander Perk: Quick Fingers+

    • Whenever you use any ability, Quick Fingers+ reloads your equipped weapon (if it can be reloaded), and upon reloading you have a chance to summon a Phantasm based on how empty the clip was, with a cap of 80%.


Fortnite Swamp Knight Png

“Seen any vampires lately? You’re welcome.” – Swamp Knight

  • Standard Perk: Unearthly Treat
    • Increases damage vs. Mist Monsters by up to 42% based on the percentage of your missing Health.
  • Commander Perk: Unearthly Treat+
    • Increases damage vs. Mist Monsters by up to 42% based on the percentage of your missing Health. In addition, taking damage has a 45% chance to conjure a Phantasm. (Phantasms target a nearby enemy, dealing 62 base Energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius, with a 1.5 second cooldown.)


Fortnite Mermonster Ken Png

“Glub.” – Mermonster Ken

  • Standard Perk: From the Depths
    • Increases Melee Damage by 44% based on the percentage of your missing health.
  • Commander Perk: From the Depths+
    • Increases Melee Damage by 44% based on the percentage of your missing health. Additionally, melee heavy attack eliminations have a 60% chance to conjure a Phantasm (targets a nearby enemy, dealing 62 base Energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius, 1.5 second cooldown)


A black flag has emerged in the horizon. That can only mean one thing: pirates are here and they are aiming right for Homebase! In Yarrr’s questline — available from April 5 at 8 PM ET to May 17 8 PM ET — fend off these invading swashbucklers and you will be rewarded with the infamous pirate Hero, Blakebeard the Blackhearted.

Fortnite Yarrrs Questline Png

08STW Social Pirate

“Arrrrg… Did I say that right?” – Blakebeard the Blackhearted

  • Standard Perk: Avast Mateys
    • Increases your (or rather, yarrrrr) cannonball Damage by 20%.
  • Commander Perk: Avast Mateys+
    • Increases yarrrrr Cannonball Damage by 40%. Converts R.O.S.I.E. to fire 25 cannonballs.



12StW BunnyPenny MOTD 1920x1080

“I’ve been waiting to break out this outfit.” – Miss Bunny Penny

  • Standard Perk: Plasma Overdrive
    • Decreases Plasma Pulse Energy cost by 38%.
  • Commanders Perk:  Plasma Overdrive+
    • Decreases Plasma Pulse Energy cost by 75%.

See you all back at Homebase!

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