Fortnite x Doctor Who Crossover Leaked, New Timelord in the Game to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary?

A leaked script for a live-action trailer promoting Fortnite’s crossover with Doctor Who suggests an exclusive in-game incarnation of the iconic Timelord.

Epic Games is set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who with a crossover event in Fortnite, as hinted by a leaked script for a live-action trailer. The script, posted on Twitter by Fortnite content creator iFireMonkey, teases the introduction of a unique incarnation of the iconic Timelord in the game.

The leaked script, titled “Fortnite External Filming – 60th Anniversary Event,” suggests that this crossover is a significant production for Epic Games. It features the Doctor’s hands glowing a golden yellow, indicating regeneration, and the Tardis traveling through a dimensional barrier. Interestingly, the script refers to the Timelord as The Edge Doctor, who later encounters David Tennant’s, Fifteenth Doctor.

This crossover could introduce an entirely new actor and incarnation of the Doctor, exclusive to Fortnite, or feature David Tennant in a dual role. With Tennant’s distinct mannerisms being an integral part of his portrayal, this trailer will likely have a familiar feel for fans of his Doctor.

A Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration has been rumored for some time, with respected Fortnite leakers like @FNBRintel first discussing the possibility last year. This exciting event comes just in time for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials, which will see David Tennant’s Fifteenth Doctor reunite with Catherine Tate’s beloved companion Donna Noble after over a decade.

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