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God of War Ragnarok Update 4.01 Addresses New Game+ Issues and Trophy Unlocks

Santa Monica Studio releases a patch to fix problems introduced by the New Game+ update.

Santa Monica Studio has rolled out God of War Ragnarok update 4.01 to address some issues introduced with the New Game+ patch. While this update does not bring any new content or features, it focuses on fixing the problems players have encountered since the New Game+ patch was released last week.

The 235MB update aims to solve New Game+ equipment and trophy unlock issues. Players reported problems with the Dragon Slayer and Phalanx trophies, which were not unlocking under certain circumstances.

The Dragon Slayer trophy could not be earned during New Game+ if the player did not craft the Dragon Scale armor during their first playthrough of the base game. Meanwhile, the Phalanx trophy would not be earned if the player crafted a 9+ shield before crafting every other type.

Santa Monica Studio has acknowledged these issues and is working on a fix to unlock and display all earned trophies for affected players retroactively. The team has not released the official patch notes yet, but these known issues are expected to be resolved in update 4.01.

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